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African Pussy

The most popular post on MongerPlanet is Naked Africa.  In fact MongerPlanet is more popular with porn mongers than whore mongers although I suspect there is a large overlap with porn and whore mongers.  I spend thousands travelling the world and openly admit I P4P.  So to help support mongerplanet travel the world and bring you free stories I try to promote a little monger related reality porn.  As African pussy is so popular I thought I would share with you some African pictures from Shocking Tribes.  Enjoy.
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Hairy Pussy

I just love hairy pussy, not any old hairy pussy though, no it has to look a particular way, a nice dark triangular bush,  neat at the sides or trimmed aka Bikini line is such a turn on for me.  I love girls of different ethnicities too, I monger the world hoping to find that special hairy pussy… Continue reading Hairy Pussy