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My 500 Baht Slut in Chiang Mai

What’s going on guys? It’s Tim from Goodbye Boring Life again with another story from paradise.

Today I will tell you about the cheapest piece of pussy I ever drilled down here in Asia. This story takes place early in the morning two years ago in Chiang Mai.
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Iron Club Gogo Blowjob Pattaya

Best night I ever had in a go-go bar

What’s up guys? This is Tim from Goodbye Boring Life. I’m currently traveling around in Thailand and I’m having a blast! You can read all my stories back at my webpage.

I tell stories about what I do in Thailand. I also make travel tips, dating tips, mongering tips, tell you my thoughts and much more. Whenever I goto a new place I make a Location Report of that place, and tell you if it’s a good place to say goodbye to your boring life. 🙂
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