Welcome to social mongering, the most anti social network on the internet.  You have navigated to the root page of social mongering.  Use the sub menu items to go to the relevant section.  The following is a brief description of each social mongering activity page and contains a link to that section.


Activity is a list of everything thats happening on Mongerplanet, past and present. From new members joining, links of general interest to the most recent posts.  To view MongerPlanet Activity please click here  <–


A list of all the members who have registered on MongerPlanet.  Only members can join in discussions and post updates, links etc.  Some posts, pages and photos on MongerPlanet can only be seen my registered members.  If you have not already registered on MongerPlanet, then please register here or login if already registered.  You can make new friends in the members area of MongerPlanet.  To view all the members registered on MongerPlanet, please click here <–


Groups are for special interest groups.  A group can be about anything that is monger related.  From photography, Asian pussy to men with tiny penises.  You can join groups that interest you or create your own group and invite your friends to join.  To view a list of all special interest groups on MongerPlanet, please click here <–

Social MongerPlanet, the most anti social network on the internet.  If your socially inept, find it difficult to get on with people,  approach women or are a grotesque human being then you should join social Mongerplanet, right now!

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