Social Media Girls

Date Slam is the new monger website dedicated to all those girls now posing naked on social media sites.
I have met a lot of semi and non pro girls off social media sites in more recent years. DateSlam is dedicated to this new form of getting pussy.

DateSlam Social Media Girls

Whats your experience online meeting non pro girls online?  What is the best app to use to connect to semi pro girls in each country?


2 thoughts on “Social Media Girls”

    1. I have used Tinder with a lot of success in Colombia and Thailand setting me up with many attractive semi and pro girls I would not have met otherwise.

      I would not have got laid in Moldova if not for Badoo and Tagged.
      I know in China and other asian countries its wechat.

      I would love to know also what are the best social media and dating apps for each country?

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