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My Monger Planet. My mongering map of the world

I list all the best bars and clubs I have visited whore mongering around the world.

If any of you have any recommendations of a bar club or brothel that I really should visit anywhere in the world and should be on this whore mongers map, then please leave a comment below with details.

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    1. Ok DSO, please tell me and the readers what is so good about mongering in Madrid? Iv wanted to do a tour through Spain for sometime now, starting off in Madrid maybe then working my way along the coast and maybe flying back out of Barcelona. I would say generally the mongering is better where these is alot of tourists or a very high local demand for P4P?

      1. Yes it is way better to monger in where there is a high demand for p4p. More nationalities to choose from and more girls! And the good thing is that prices are not too expensive. Tourists and locals mongering in Madrid are in two different worlds. Tourist go for streets walkers and clubs which i would not recommend. Locals ring local escorts and go to whorhouses which i would recommend.

  1. I’ve been researching about Japan and can’t find shit nor good info, if anyone is keen to share some whore mongering info that’d be appreciated

    1. Skins, no never been to Cebu. I was researching the place on my last trip to the Philippines in June 2014. I went for Manila and Angeles. More time in the Philippines then would make a trip to Cebu. I got the impression its more a big city with some options spread out. If you want to goto the coast then its a bit of a drive. Like Cebu was more a laid back place with some P4P. Bit like going to Chang Mai or Hua Hin if in Thailand.

      1. Cebu is the best in terms of mongering in the Philippines in my opinion. Manila and Angeles are known for it but the best options are in Cebu. It’s a different scene and there are not the typical go go girl bars like Angels and Manila (in Makati) have. Cebu city particularly at Mango Square is a gold mine for meeting women especially in the clubs and just in the open area of Mango Square. The Manila scene on Burgos street is garbage in my opinion. Too much bullshit, for too much money and they don’t negotiate much. Angeles is ok but still a lot of bullshit. In Cebu it’s more authentic, no mamasans, no being hassled by bar staff to buy drink you don’t even want, just girls by themselves or with friends looking for foreigners at the clubs and in the area.

        1. Thanks MikedOut for your comment. When I return to the Philippines have always wanted to try Cebu rather than just Manila and Angeles. I think now in our ever changing world some of the best options for some P4P is not in your face like gogo clubs and strip bars, escort sites etc, but clubs and online dating etc, where girls are free to do a little moonlighting and freelancing. What about options for getting to the beach and coast in Cebu?

        2. I was in Cebu in October in 2015 for 33 days and Mango Square wasn’t my cup of tea at all. My Modus operandi was DIA (Date In Asia) and it helped worked like “gang busters”! I would say more than half of the Pinays that I banged were non-pros, and the rest were semi-pros and a few pros. I was even able to pull in a few Pinays with day game in the malls in Cebu (especially in Ayala)

    2. If you are going to the Philippines, I certainly hope you go to Angeles City (about 2 hours north of Manila) before you try anywhere else. Everything you need or want is there. Very friendly and safe environment.

      1. Yes Steven Angeles city in the Philipines should be on every serious mongers travel itinerary. I have been to Angeles twice and had a great time with those filipino girls. Like Pattaya in Thailand Angeles is a mongering mecca. You sound very experienced with what goes down in Angeles, perhaps you would like to share a report with us all on mongering in Angeles? If so use the contact menu above. Thanks for your comment

    3. Go to Cebu City and go to Mango Square. It’s near the center of the city very near Crown Regency. It’s the best in all the Philippines trust me. Go into the clubs at Mango square step onto the dance floor and you will be approached by beautiful women looking for foreigners.

  2. I like it Foz Du Iqazu crystal disco, same owner have second place I forget the name,you pay all in disco for pickup,that was 14 years back when the help disco in Rio was open,and the crime was not visible as to day, good lack

  3. Where i can find the youngest and cheapest girls for all night in Asia ? and keep her one month if possible . Cambodia ? Thailande ? Phils ? i am 36 years old , good looking , perhaps that’s can help ..

    1. When you say young – hope you mean over 18?
      What your suggesting used to be the normal in all countries. If you wanted to keep a girl for a month you simply needed to negotiate a monthly rate.
      Back prior 2005 girls were looking for a husband or the bad ones a sponsor. Problem is spending that amount of time with a bar girl you like you will get emotionally involved and fall in love. Never get emotionally involved with bar girls. To find such a bar girl today is harder but not impossible, as long as she is finding making money short time hard, which means she is either ugly, naive or wrong place wrong time. Being in your 30s and good looking I would say does help, to a girl maybe you are a better long term prospect for boyfriend or husband. Maybe thats why these opportunities are less for me today as I am now pass my prime and the girls know it.

      My suggestion would be to travel through all three countries, spend some time in each. You could meet your dream girl in any country, any bar, anywhere. If you really want a girlfriend then might be better to try online dating or target shop assistants etc. But really cannot recommend one country over the other or any one place.

        1. Your welcome Benjamino, Obviously for a long term relationship some chemistry needs to be there not just a financial arrangement. For that you will need to mix and mingle with the available girls.

          1. I think about Ukrainia or Moldova , but i was with a Russian girl before and it’s a little the same .. omg … never trust a Russian girl ! her familly too !! 6 years lost with her .. and many money !!

            1. Benjamino, Sounds like an interesting story to tell mongerplanet readers, 6 years of your life and your loss. If your interested in educating via a guest post?

              I am also thinking to visit Moldova and maybe a return to Ukraine as its nearby. I am in the planning stages. I have met some beautiful girls from Moldova in Prague, Vienna and more recently Zurich, the one in Zurich was mind blowing beautiful! I think she has inspired me to visit Moldovia. Yes its a poor country, trouble is many of the girls play away in other European cities where they can make money. The only reason we get a look in is because of the money they can extract from us or their pimping boyfriend or husband. I met a beautiful gypsy girl in Prague long time ago who was from Varna Bulgaria. One or two years later she inspired a trip to Varna but not much available, Golden Sands was interesting though from a mongering perspective.

              1. Yes , 6 years lost with a Russian familly , all very clever and my friends , and now they haved taked all my money .. bye bye , ” our daughter is not for you ” …ok …
                So Moldova and Ukrainia can be cool BUT many mongers go there and give one month of local salary to girls for one night .. so now they think all mongers are rich , and it’s hard to find the real price i think it cost ( 10$ by night with 18-20 yo ) , that’s why i am not sure and i prefer go to Cambodia , i can’t do the bad choice , i don’t want 10 girls by days , just one and keep her one month or more ..but for cheap ! and i search after white or yellow skin , for sure blacks in Africa cost 1$ but it’s not my ” cup of tea ” .

  4. There is a regular Chinese woman that I see it Dallas she is not on any of the amp reports but works off of recommendations if you want to know let me know. She is by far one of the freakiest & kinkiest orientals that I have ever been with.

    Mention this post so I know it’s not spam mail

  5. You did not mention The big four Strip Clubs in Tijuana, Mexico. Adelita’s, Hong Kong, Chicago and one more that I forget.

    1. Thanks Wade, I not mention Tijuana because never been to Mexico accept for a transit via Mexico city to Cartagena Colombia. Would love to experience Tijuana. Mexico gets alot of bad press these days fuelling the narcotics habits of many Americans. A guest post on the sex scene in Tijuana would be greatly appreciated, by yourself or anyone else who frequents the place, use the contact tab above.

  6. If you want to know about Mongering in Mexico there is a site called: Escorts of Mexico. It was written by an American who retired to Mexico. He calls himself: “Gringo Paul”. He has written a very comprehensive report about mongering in 55 cities in Mexico. When you’re on the site just use the heading named: City Guide. Make sure you give yourself lots of time to read it. It is a very extensive report on each city.

  7. Your blog is amazing my man. Reading stories with pleasure 🙂

    The mongering map seems unavailable, thanks to Google Maps rules. Do you have a backup for that? I would love to see that map.

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