• The disco scene just seemed to get worse and worse NYE and right after.

    These 20 somethings guys come form all over.Mostly Europe and UK. With a good number of Turks and Indians-Middle Easterners too.At the same time the number of girls went way down as many had gone home for the holidays or had to spend time with sponsors who were back in…[Read more]

  • I’ve been on the ground here since December 20 and just want to give a quick update on the scene here.

    It’e high season and the guy to girl ration at the discos is just horrible – 5 to 1. No joke. And you will be competing with tones of 20 somethings for the attention of the better girls.

    Very tedious, I did manage to take a girl home my…[Read more]

  • Uncle-V commented on the post, FKK Tour Germany 3 weeks ago

    I have also enjoyed FKKs in the past: mostly Samya in Cologne and Artemis in Berlin. Most of my experiences at these places were between 2007-2010 when I was in Germany a lot. My last visit to Artemis was in 2013 and Samya in 2015 and I had fun, though I think they were much better in the earlier years when there was a greater variety of women…[Read more]

  • Uncle-V commented on the post, Baht Bus to Jomtien 1 month ago

    Kinaree is not in Jomtien but up the Pratumnak hill close to Wat Prah Yai

  • Uncle-V commented on the post, Baht Bus to Jomtien 1 month ago

    Kinaree is like a hybrid between an FKK and Soi 6. Nice surroundings and very comfortable ambiance. No entrance fee, you pay for the girl and room (I think it’s like 1500 total — can’t recall now)and food /drinks separately.. You can also hang out and buy the girls lady drinks and they will stroke your cock through your shorts.

    They have a goo…[Read more]

  • My experiences mirror your exactly. Jomtien is a total waste as far as mongering goes. I used to stay there at Vie Talay 5 condo because I liked having a sea view, nice pool, and being away from the hecticness of Pattaya. I became very familiar with the staff there and it kind of became my home away form home for awhile.

    When I stayed in…[Read more]

  • sorry for the late reply. I have been busy since I got back form havana.

    I do agree that the demographics have changed, and that the average visitor now is much younger. But discos are not off limits to older guys like they are in the West. I know a few guys in their 60s that hit the discos and they do fine.

    I think even 10 or 11 is too…[Read more]

  • PS; I particularly like how one is playing with the other one’s pussy as the other one sucks you off. Nicely done!

    To (mis) quote Shakespeare: “the stuff that dreams are made of!” LOL

  • I am happy you finally got some satisfaction, my friend!

    Those African girls look like fun. But I am still into Thais.

    The venues you mentioned in this post are all past their prime (except maybe Peppermint). I mean: Secrets, Silver Star, Action Street? C’mon now!!

    The action is still there but it has moved on: For low key WS gogos its…[Read more]

  • thanks for the great info. The girl in the video certainly look damn good (at least from the distance) and the area itself is charmingly antique. A night out here sounds amazing.

    But are obviously white and non Japanese speaking obvious caucasian Gaijin welcome here? Could one just go up to any shop and negotiate a “dinner” using google translate?

  • PS: I’m not trying to make offence – I think your gogo girl looks nice enough – but you can easily pull a girl like that from Insomnia or Ibar and can usually find one like that on Soi 6 too if you look hard enough.

  • sorry for the later reply. I have been in Cuba and you know how internet is there. I hope this info gets to you in time.

    The going rate for Ibar/Insomnia/Lucifer is 2-3 K. But you can pay even more if you go with one of the prima dona girls. I avoid them.

    My last two pulls from Insomnia and Lucifer we did not even talk about money and I…[Read more]

  • Im sorry man but I really beg to differ. Quality in Pattaya is as good as it has ever been and not so much different than Bangkok. You just need to know where to look.

    The one thing that has changed over the years is price. Which is rising rapidly. But its still considerably cheaper than BKK for about the same quality. And the FL disco scene…[Read more]

  • I know what you mean. That dead zone between 7 an midnight when its best to go out to discos is a real drag. I try to have a nice dinner and take a nap so I am refreshed when I hit the disco around 1 AM.

    I know its a pain to adjust the schedule. But I’d really feel like I’d be missing out on the best girls in terms of the GFE-looks combination.…[Read more]

  • Hey buddy I am so sorry you are having such a tough time. I have enjoyed your reports form places that are so much tougher to monger in.
    But I am sure you will persevere and break through the rut.

    I know I’ve said this before, but at the risk of sounding like a broken record I’ll say again that the discos such s Inosmnia and Lucifer are…[Read more]

  • A few more observations.

    Thermae girls are hot but many of the best ones really only want to go with Asian guys. You are also not really guaranteed a GFE as most of the girls want to get back to Thermae to hook another customer ASAP. My GFE rate at Thermae was maybe 50% at best.

    I like the Discos in BKK and would recommend Levels on Soi…[Read more]

  • I agree 100% on your observation about the deterioration of girl quality in the gogos in Pattaya. Saying a girl is “Gogo Quality” really doesn’t mean all that much anymore.

    But I am a little surprised you couldn’t find any good looking girls in gogos. Did you go to the top end ones like Sensations, Baccara, and Whattsup? I can always find a…[Read more]

  • I agree 100% on your comment about quantity over quality in Patts. I spend a lot o time there an I often go through dry spells where I can’t find a girl I like for days on end.

    You can pretty much give up on the Cheap Charlie beer bars as far as finding girls. If you avoid them you don’t have to deal with the loud foul mouthed riffraff at all…[Read more]

  • thanks I will try my best to follow up on your excellent reports!

  • thanks so much.

    After a nap and some dinner I will hit that venue. What time do you think is a good time to go? Midnight?

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