• Agree with you about that beer bar complex that you have to walk through to get to the Beer Garden, but I haven’t gone there for ages. It’s just too close to Walking Street.

    Years ago it was nice to sit in the Beer Garden with a beer and look out at the sea and occasionally meet a new friend there. If you didn’t meet anyone there you could…[Read more]

  • Scruf commented on the post, Baht Bus to Jomtien 10 months ago

    Kinaree is not in Jomtien ? Surprised at that but I am not up to speed with the local geography and boundary’s.

    I like Kinaree as a place to spend an afternoon. If you are in the Jomtien area for the beach or some other reason, its a great place to go. As you pointed out, there isn’t much else going on there. The opening times are about 1pm to…[Read more]

  • I like Robins Nest as a restaurant, but have never stayed there. I usually pick the LK Metro, just down the street a little. Its convenient for the whole LK Metro, 2nd and 3rd street area.

    I don’t bother with any of the Agogo’s or Walking Street any more. It’s clear that Walking Street is rapidly becoming a tourist area, and not ‘our’ kind of…[Read more]

  • Paul, if you look at the website, the girls ARE included in the ‘all-inclusive’ pricing, starting at just under $1000US per night and going up from there. You are going to need to drink a lot of ‘President’ to hit that number..

  • Norwegian Tim said :
    > I was a reckless and filthy dog that would fuck anything with two legs

    I don’t know why you are specifically excluding amputees or tarts with birth defects. That (those) stumps can be very erotic. I recommend watching ‘Boxing Helena’.

    How about midgets ? I saw one outside…[Read more]

  • Mr Q, I have only been to HCMC, but am told that Hanoi is much more ‘up tight’ than HCMC.

    I was in a hotel by the waterfront in District 1, so ‘Nob Hill’ as far as HCMC is concerned.

    I found very little action around there except for a few massage parlors at the back of the Opera House. I had head of ‘motorcycle girls’ – never saw them…[Read more]

  • Paul, I haven’t been to Orchard Towers on a Sunday afternoon. I have heard that the ‘Lucky Mall’ which is a seedy shopping center on Orchard Road (west of the junction with Scotts Road) attracts a lot of Filipino workers on a Sunday. I don’t know why or if it’s a mongering opportunity.

  • For me Singapore isn’t a mongering destination. It’s too expensive to finance just mongering here. For me it’s a business destination with the opportunity to take the maggot for a gallop. However – It’s a great ‘jumping off point’ for a real mongering holiday after the business trip. From Sg you can fly straight into Clark (Angels City) without…[Read more]

  • Mr.Q – The girls know exactly the parlor prices, but how much do you think the girls in the parlors get of the price you pay ? Lucky to see 50% IMHO. The freelance girls see 100% and they control their own expenses. However – timing has a lot to do with pricing. When you discuss pricing with a girl in a bar at Orchard Towers, inside the girls head…[Read more]

  • I remember Geylang as shown in the vid by Mr Q. What you don’t see is that groups of the girls have their pimp hanging around in the shadows. When you show interest, the pimp steps forward and presents the price and where the short time hotel/room is. I.E. The ladies LOOK like freelances, but are not. There were lots of ladyboys in this line up.…[Read more]

  • Well, that’s a lot of text to say very little. What year was this ?

    BTW, some of your links kick off secondary redirects to malware websites, Relax Kiev for example.

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  • Maybe we need a place on the site to discuss Viet Nam !

    I just read through some of the pages on Skin’s “blog Single mans paradise”. IMHO, HCM City isn’t really a P4P destination. I can’t comment on other cities, as I haven’t been to them.

    There is a little ‘action’ around the Opera House – mostly at the back. The lady I was visiting said…[Read more]

  • MP said > I intend to venture into Vietnam..

    Heads up – Hotels in Viet Nam will not allow a ‘local girl’ to stay in your room overnight. Its the law, unless you have shown a marriage certificate for you both (to each other) when you check in. If you look on (for example) the Expedia web site when booking a hotel, it tells you this. I missed it…[Read more]

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    Every time I have taken a young ‘un I have been disappointed.. By young, I mean under 25. 99% of the ‘starfish’ were under 25. Now, I am happy with the 25 to 35 age group, maybe even 40 depending (of course) on looks. To give you an example – in your report on Sosua, you took the young waitress and more mature freelancer. I would have dropped the…[Read more]

  • Thanks for this entertaining set of trip reports. I think that for someone who hasn’t mongered before, Sousa is a bit ‘full on’ and quite intimidating! Well, it’s not for the faint of heart, let’s put it that way. I go to the DR really for a week of R&R or I&I (intoxication and intercourse) with girls who have some of the best figures to be found.…[Read more]

  • I mooched around the Brussels Red Light district back in November 2013. I was in both Amsterdam and Brussels on business and took the train down to Brussels from Amsterdam on Saturday morning as I had never had any mongering time in Brussels. In short, it was a mistake. Should have stayed in Amsterdam for the weekend. I thought the Brussels RL…[Read more]

  • Thank you. I have a lot to contribute to Singapore ! 🙂

  • AfroMonger – Mongering in Mallorca ? Tell us more !

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