• Actually one item that has been on my wish list is Goa for the exotic beaches and Panjim the state capital. Flying into Dabolim Goa airport (GOI) doesn’t seem to have too many stop off options and I wouldn’t really fancy getting there on a Thompson Charter flight from the UK. Maybe a bit more research is needed.

  • Sorry, with the Bulgarian Gypsy women, as young and sexually appealing as they were I didn’t want to take them back because maybe it would have been too much hassle.

  • Good question and I quite agree the younger the better and the hotter the body the better and early to mid twenties is a great age to sample and test drive. But I can’t say this enough, especially on this forum that not everyone liked (or likes) to have their picture taken which for me is not even a priority anyway and most of the time the thought…[Read more]

  • Yes, more of my reports to follow.
    You might find this of interest. I found this link only recently after I got back. As for accuracy and non bull shit I will give it a reasonable 6 but it gives you some idea. Basically to quote the author, any attractive thin dark girl can look Romanian, but she can also look Bulgarian, Syrian, lebanese and even…[Read more]

  • Hello Mr Q
    If you are looking for a safer country to visit I would forget any of the ones ending in …stan and go for the capital of Azerbaijan. Due to generous Visa exemptions, most of the working girls are from these former Soviet countries anyway.

    There are some more reports to follow but should you find yourself over there at the last…[Read more]

  • loved the Bob Mugabe quote by the way.
    Good report, had me smiling at times in that our cocks really do take away all our logic and reasonable thought process sometimes. Throughout history just how many times has Men’s dicks got we the main bread winners and we the males otherwise often carrying all the worlds resposibilities on both shoulders…[Read more]

  • Hello Dumas,
    with a first name like that I’m sure you are not an American 🙂
    make sure you turn away then when the rest of the pictures go up!

    Enjoying both the young and not so young and the odd Milf in between I am probably a lot older than you. Pity though I couldn’t capture on camera every woman, or women I took back (main two reasons,…[Read more]

  • For me the good thing about having an apartment is as well as the freedom and more space and not having to do the walk of shame past reception, the doormen etc every time you bring a guest back is somewhere to chill out and relax on those nights you do want to stay in. Those of us who are no longer 21 or even 41 can’t go out every night mongering…[Read more]

  • Shame on those airlines especially the ones which are not low cost but copy them anyway whenever they feel like it charging extra for items of baggage. Basically when you are at the airport and ready to fly out you are fucked and they know it.
    On a better note, liked those Dalmeida sisters, they get my vote too. For call girls they had just the…[Read more]

  • Kiev Lazy girls as they are referred to locally tended to approach me in the late afternoon or early evening if I was in that area. Every morning when I walked that way I saw not a single sighting and later in the evening or late at night, if I was there at all, tended to be the more hardcore type of girls or more hit and miss if most of the…[Read more]

  • Hello Rob,
    Regarding the Kiev pick up bars and clubs I can’t really recommend as I didn’t try any of them out on this trip. One thing for sure though, any one should be good and you should have a great night out on the town for a fraction of the price of what you would pay back home if this really is your thing, and if you do wave and flash your…[Read more]

  • Hello Ben,
    In Kiev I would not say the mongering was easy but it was definitely not risky due to I suppose the subtle way I was approached on the street. When I tried to make eye contact I was often ignored and the two times I took the ladies back to the hotel, all non pro looking, I was approached by them first. There is some more of my report…[Read more]

  • Maybe she was Russian but probably Ukraine as basically they are the same race. 50 Euros plus the 200 sweetener for the hotel security was the total price. No it was not a one off, more to come and more about this in my brief Kiev summary.

  • Pertaining to the three separate segments it was more like 10 hours in total.

  • Regarding booking Multi City flights online with the likes of Skyscanner and Kayak you may have to change the dates or make adjustments as to the order of the cities you are flying to otherwise the result may come up blank as no flights found or just as bad the itinerary may include a much longer and expensive flight routing putting up the price a…[Read more]

  • A good mini guide of Malta, out of season, thanks for that and the effort you put in to it. I should imagine that winter time out of season Cyprus and even the Turkish north part of the island would have similar be it limited mongering opportunities to compliment the still warmer weather, nicer bars, cheap good hotel deals and just the fact that…[Read more]

  • Regarding going forward I feel I have finally curbed any desire to ever want to go back to Thailand. We know it can be an addictive place and can totally take over our lives especially those of us still having to work, holding down boring mundane jobs while crossing off the days and doing nothing else but thinking of our next Bangkok departure to…[Read more]

  • Good 5 star rated report Marc, and how to guide for any first time newbie like myself who has always been interested in that part of the world together with those attractive westernised Japanese women who are as naughty as fuck . Staying in Tokyo with that sheer buzz and amazing neon energy I think I could easily become a bar disco night owl…[Read more]

  • Hello Greg,
    Like yourself I am quite tall and when I first hit those mean streets in Mexico I was white and very pale looking coming straight of the plane from the UK. Basically baseball cap and shades should do the trick together with looking as if you know where you are going even if you don’t. When out on the street, even when you find your…[Read more]

  • I will just add to that, then on a typical lads holiday there was no such thing like televisions in the rooms, there would be warm water trickling from the bathroom shower for about one hour only during the day if we were lucky and the room maid would come in once a week to change the towels, mop the floor, empty the bins and slam the door shut,…[Read more]

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