• Regarding booking Multi City flights online with the likes of Skyscanner and Kayak you may have to change the dates or make adjustments as to the order of the cities you are flying to otherwise the result may come up blank as no flights found or just as bad the itinerary may include a much longer and expensive flight routing putting up the price a…[Read more]

  • A good mini guide of Malta, out of season, thanks for that and the effort you put in to it. I should imagine that winter time out of season Cyprus and even the Turkish north part of the island would have similar be it limited mongering opportunities to compliment the still warmer weather, nicer bars, cheap good hotel deals and just the fact that…[Read more]

  • Regarding going forward I feel I have finally curbed any desire to ever want to go back to Thailand. We know it can be an addictive place and can totally take over our lives especially those of us still having to work, holding down boring mundane jobs while crossing off the days and doing nothing else but thinking of our next Bangkok departure to…[Read more]

  • Good 5 star rated report Marc, and how to guide for any first time newbie like myself who has always been interested in that part of the world together with those attractive westernised Japanese women who are as naughty as fuck . Staying in Tokyo with that sheer buzz and amazing neon energy I think I could easily become a bar disco night owl…[Read more]

  • Hello Greg,
    Like yourself I am quite tall and when I first hit those mean streets in Mexico I was white and very pale looking coming straight of the plane from the UK. Basically baseball cap and shades should do the trick together with looking as if you know where you are going even if you don’t. When out on the street, even when you find your…[Read more]

  • I will just add to that, then on a typical lads holiday there was no such thing like televisions in the rooms, there would be warm water trickling from the bathroom shower for about one hour only during the day if we were lucky and the room maid would come in once a week to change the towels, mop the floor, empty the bins and slam the door shut,…[Read more]

  • Hello Sidney,
    I wonder if you caught the very slow fast train! Anyway, glad you enjoyed reading my trip report.
    On reflection, me quoting parts of that Wham, Club Tropicana song may have seemed a bit obscure to some of the readers at the time but that’s what really happened to me while using some the short time hotels over there and the more b…[Read more]

  • Hello Sidney,
    on the part of San Pablo, I think opposite the Cathedral, I noticed a small sit-down Diner type of place serving roast chicken on a spit but everyone was sitting with their backs to what was going on, and apart from the odd stall selling cold drinks other than that I didn’t see much in the way of catering and places to sit. Walk a…[Read more]

  • Definitely felt more at ease mongering around Pino Suarez Plaza than Calle San Pablo due to the fact that it is one of those places where people just naturally congregate and sit. Walking distance between the two was not even 10 minutes.

  • Yes, the hotel room did have a safe in it, that was the main reason I stayed there. Did not see a lot of street action in Z Rosa but knew it was there if that makes sense much confirmed by the many touts on the street who by the way were very polite and not in your face all the time.

  • Hello Sidney
    True with the Christmas and New Year holiday period not long out the way it was not the busiest time but great for getting room availability and some good hotel deals. Still, the main tourist areas of Veracruz generally were busy probably 24/7 but most of my photos tended to be taken very early in the morning or during the hot siesta…[Read more]

  • Hello Sidney,
    I think depends really how much of Mexico you have already seen before you arrive. For me this was the first time and first town in Mexico so I would say for any first time visit 5 or 6 full days at a push.

  • Hello Theo,
    delayed replying as one of my reports later covered this topic in greater detail. Thanks for the input.
    Some parts of Mexico City definitely had me looking over my shoulders constantly but I must say walking around Veracruz even late at night had totally the opposite vibes and feeling to the place. I felt safer there actually, even…[Read more]

  • You haven’t been around for a while, nice to see you back Mr Q. No, those punks on the street knowing I was not carrying the correct ID on my person were trying a scam I think. Impersonating the police though in any shape or form is not good for the nerves.

  • Randomly, to fill in that totally blank sheet or canvass in my SE Asia mind, the End might be Sihanoukville for the first time, with a trip big time down memory lane to Phnom P and for the Start on the way to whatever Hub in Asia I was flying to, stop off for 3 or 4 days somewhere new and exotic. Somewhere with easily available Indian pussy…[Read more]

  • Bangkok 112 and 69 videos may even get me returning to Thailand now. Just spent the last hour going down memory lane, fu.k how Pattaya has changed it’s almost now like the best modern and sophisticated westernised​ parts of Bangkok now with a beach in front of it.

  • By the way, what problems if any have you encountered while secretly using a camera? Very curious as you normally get great pictures.

  • I saw that one just as a little nudge, a reminder perhaps to never, never let your guard down especially in such an allegedly dangerous city. Just because you return to a place several times doesn’t necessarily make it safer. Lesson learnt.

  • They say you have to walk first before you run and that’s how I see my first David Bailey attempts :-):And the burning question as always is where too next?

  • For me when mongering, taking pictures and taking pictures like trophies is not a priority but mongering and getting on with it is. 🙂 Most if the time at the heat of the moment the thought of opening the camera actually never crossed my mind and in my report not even 25% of the women I had are shown even if it is only their bare ass. I was…[Read more]

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