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    I will let you know how I get on. Did you come across any scams? I’ve also noticed some girls that are in their 40s, good luck to them because they are up against girls half their age. I guess some of the younger girls really have unrealistic expectations but at the same time are either broke students or in low paid jobs so perhaps it is a case of…[Read more]

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    Great summary. I’ve been absent for a while as I have a lovely black gf and I am trying to stay on the straight and narrow but I am very tempted to try Seeking Arrangement. Did you find it relatively easy to get responses from girls?

  • Has anybody thought that maybe this girl has been trackficked or under the control of organised crime? I am not trying to police this blog or anything but for me it is a fine line. Nothing wrong with girls wanting to supplement their income by offering p4p or girls in developing countries offering GFE for a few days in return for cash and trips or…[Read more]

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    I really enjoyed his FB page. He really has been stitched up, I guess somebody somewhere thought he was making money from his sites and reports and not getting a cut.

  • Wow! Superb work there with the Tinder teen. I guess Tinder really is the magic portal for picking up girls in these developing countries although maybe it takes away the thrill of the chase of finding some exotic beauties but either way great work!

    I’ve managed to establish contact with a 24 year old caramel skinned girl off CL. She wants a…[Read more]

  • Good work! I like the look of her curvy and exotic looking!

  • SA sounds great like you said like CL but maybe more organised and without so many scammers. I am goin to sign up! Any pics of the girls you’ve met so far or are you going to do a dedicated SA post?

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    Yes the PoF was a freebie. It was quite interesting gaining the female perspective. She told me that she gets lots of messages each week that simply start by asking her if she fancies a shag! It is surprising how a decent non sex conversation can actually get you sex with online girls. Most of them are so jaded by the constant sex messages that…[Read more]

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    Sorry for the slightly delayed response. The first few weeks back at work have been so busy. I would love to a guest post perhaps I could write about a disaster I had on CL last year. How do I go about submitting?

    I had my first success of the year on PoF at the weekend. A week after getting her number we met for an afternoon date, a bite to…[Read more]

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    Both of those black teens are excellent conquests. There are so many young girls out there either bored with their bf or need a little spending money. The problem is finding the gems hidden in with the trash. I think it is just about perseverance, to coin a phrase I don’t mind playing the long game with dating sites.

    No firm plans to travel but…[Read more]

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    First things first – Happy New Year

    That black girl off CL looks fine. Did you manage to set up any repeat visits?

    I agree that CL is becoming harder and harder there are far to many fake ads or scammers out there. The fake ads are usually pretty easy to spot but the one I replied to appeared genuine it was written with a personal touch. A…[Read more]

  • The whole Sugar Babies things is a farce most of the girls seeking this are delusional and have an over inflated opinion of their looks. I can remember having to bring a few girls down a peg or two after they wanted ridiculous amounts. I simply said it is supply and demand and showed them pics of the girls off CL that were £100-150. The look on…[Read more]

  • I think there have been some changes to PoF to make it more like Tinder and you can turn on your location on your phone and PoF will search for girls within whatever radius you set, so you can use it on the move. All girls will still come up in the search but PoF blocks you from messaging anyone 15 years younger than you but nothing to stop you…[Read more]

  • I don’t use Tinder myself but do use Plenty of Fish. I’ve managed to gather myself a pool of 3 black girls and 1 Indian girl from it and we hook regularly for casual sex so it is working out well so far. There are so many idiot guys on there that just a few well written messages and decent conversation will usually lead to sex.

  • Not really connected to this post but I went on a stag weekend to Magaluf a few years back, come midnight the town centre and beach which were away from the clubs etc were swarming with African streetwalkers, there must have been up to 100 at least. Some were very good looking but they are ultra aggressive grabbing your arm and pulling at you, you…[Read more]

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