• The main road Khao San runs off of, Ratchadamneon is where a lot of local free lancers dwell servicing Thai men (a lot of them being Taxi drivers). The quality is very much hit or miss, but you do find an occasional gem. Personally, I haven’t fucked a Thai since August and have stuck to the African gals. I’ve never had bad service, where as with…[Read more]

  • Wait, what? A barfine??? These broads are FL’s plain and simple! I’ve taken a couple Africans from that bar before, the bartender/owner is a. skinny as a rail, Thai-Brit. Not even a lady drink charge there. If this is now the norm then I’ll stick to Beach Road. Last time I was in BKK, late December, I was quoted 1500-2000 by the Africans, but I…[Read more]

  • Believe or not, I have been here! My one trip to Japan was a four night stay in Osaka, which I loved. I walked through there during the day (early afternoon) and it seemed that only about half of the “stores” were open for business. Almost all of the ones that were open acknowledged me and tried to wave me in. Unfortunately, I didn’t partake in…[Read more]

  • I would also add there brothels in Little India. I didnt go inside there were a few that had gals trying to wave me in. Ive been told there are brothels behind the stalls in the main night market too.

  • There are actually some very cute African ladies on Nana nowadays. The ones on Beach Road are hit or miss. The Africans I’ve nailed in Thailand, never mentioned anything about being tricked into a job and neither seemed to be unhappy, but then again they’re in Thailand and have plenty of other African ladies to mingle with in their down time.…[Read more]

  • It’s been a while since I’ve had some chocolate…OK, not that long, but still. You don’t Come across any Nigerians in LOS. Most are all from Uganda and Tanzania in BKK, and the ones I’ve nailed in Pattaya are all from Madagascar. A Ugandan chick once gave me the same story about being promised a job only for it to turn out that there was no job…[Read more]

  • Ugh, what a bitch. I’m not surprised though. I think a lot of these white women coming to Asia are coveted by whatever agency they work for and are probably sucked up too. They know they’re whiteness gets them a high fee and they know they are a commodity that’s hard to come by in Asia and they know they can act like this. The best way to combat…[Read more]

  • I could really go for some Eastern European snapper. I’m not complaining, but I’ve nothing but Asian with a sparce African here and there. I haven’t boned a white girl since 2012 and I’ve NEVER had a Euro slut.

  • Sounds like Warsaw is a bit hit or miss. I would go to Poland if I were to spend a holiday in Europe, but I don’t see myself in Europe anytime soon. I am much more eager to hit South America and revisit my old stomping ground, Mexico!

  • 1. Some dude drove me and another dude I befriended to some disco that was closed and we demanded he ride us back and the dipshit tried charging us 500K (dong) and we told him no thanks, nor did we pay him for the ride there. He told us we were both gonna die in Vietnam that night. 2. Specifically told a cabbie what disco to go to, he drove me to…[Read more]

  • I don’t wanna sound nit-picky, but it’s Soi 7 Beer Garden, Gulliver’s is on Soi 5. I go to the Beer Garden once or twice a month, but I’ve never actually taken a lady from there. The quality is very much hit or miss, but they do have big screens with sports and the beers are pretty cheap for a Sukhumvit bar.

  • I’ve nailed two Viets, one Stateside that is very thick, curvy, with very nice big tits and the other was a street walker I ran into in Vientiane (Laos). I’ve been to Vietnam once and couldn’t wait to leave. All the scams were too much for me. BTW, this one totally looks like my type!

  • Actually there are some Thai brothels on Temple Street that have 3-6 ladies available and it’s cheap!

  • The ony PRCs I’ve nailed were in HK brothels and service was always somewhat mechanical, but they were really hot and it didn’t bother me all that much. Personally, I don’t care if they speak English or not, it does help if you’re sitting with a gal in a gogo bar, but not necessary. She can do other things to keep you amused over that lady drink!…[Read more]

  • I dated a Latvian-American, while living in America, in my early 20’s, she was 19. Huge natural tits, strawberry blonde with blue eyes, definitely not a bad night spending it with her. I’ve been intrigued by visiting the Eastern Block. We’ll see, maybe one day. I think I want to do South and Central America first.

  • Singapore really does seem to have a large variety of poon! I’ve only had two Viets; one from the USA (born and raised) a chick I met online way back when and one in Vientiane while on a Thai visa run (she was p4p)

  • So there ARE Indian ladies? If so, I’d definitely be down to check the Indian brothels. I have not boned an Indian chick, but it’s certainly on my to-do list.

    I have only been to Singapore once and it was only for a day. I actually spent the night in JB and then bussed it to KL the next day. I do plan on exploring Singapore more…….eventually.

  • I certainly have thought about going to the DR, but it IS so far from Thailand (where I currently live). I do find the DR ladies hot, but if/when I go back to ‘Merica I think I’ll monger in Mexico and of course Colombia.

  • I lived in Seoul for four months. I didn’t really get a chance to monger there. In fact, it was while living there that I joined ISG! I did walk through Cheongyangni a couple times and yes those old ladies called to me as well, but I never went with them. 🙂 Everytime I walked through the display windowns NONE of them bitches would even look at me…[Read more]

  • Tinder is useful in Thailand as well. That’s how I meet a majority of the “good” girls I have boned. I never had Tinder when I lived in the US so I can’t comment about it other than my American buddies often bitch about how hard it is to meet chicks. These same buddies that say I’m a fool for living in the “Third World” 🙂

    I think the success…[Read more]

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