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I think Im turning Japanese I think Im turning Japanese I really think so, as the Vapours once famously sang out.  Japanese girls have to be the cutest, curious and mostly highly prized pussy on the Asian continent.  I just love hairy Japanese pussy and love watching Japanese porn on the internet, its one of my favourites, those beautiful Japanese girls being submissive and taking cum load after cum load in their mouths and all over their pretty faces.  Of course its where the world Bukkake cums from.

Tokyo in Japan has a thriving and very vibrant red light district and sex industry.  But most is off limits to foreigners.  Some escort agencies and brothels in Tokyo do cater specifically to western and foreign gentlemen with cash to splash.  I have never visited Japan myself, but have fucked some Japanese girls in brothels in the UK.  I even had a Japanese cum slut who would come round and suck my cock for free once.

Enjoy my growing gallery of Japanese fine art in the form of female pussy.  Click on the photos of these Japanese beauties to see the full gallery.

Whats your experience with Japanese girls?  Ever been mongering in Tokyo or Japan?

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