Indian anal

Indian Girls

Indian and Pakistani girls are very exotic and sexy.  Despite holding some very conservative views India has the most prostitutes in the world although many of these work in squalor.  I have visited India Goa but not strictly mongering then.  I would love to have a fuckfest with lots of Indian girls, you can find some very sexy Indian and Pakistani girls working for escort agencies in cities like London.

Indian Pakistani Girls

Any tips or experiences on mongering in India or meeting Indian girls please leave a comment below.

4 thoughts on “Indian Girls”

    1. Me neither Rockit, I have been with a few Indian beauties in UK cities like London, during the 90s early 2000s when the telephone boxes were plastered with call cards, lots of them young beautiful students looking for some extra income.

  1. Evidently you have not been to Singapore or Malaysia, speaking of massage parlors, very well organized as well as down market places. Then there are the brothels in India, which are often seedy places and you have to be adventurous to get there. I understand there are call girls as well but there are plenty of scams in that segment. Of course, there is the UK, where there are plenty of Indian sub continent women. You can also find women in some of the South American nations, where Indians were brought in by the Brits as indentured labor.

    1. I have been to both Malaysia and Singapore for a few days each, I did see some Indian girls on the street in Geylang but nothing that would make me look twice, went with the Indonesian girls available there. So if you have some specific information on how to find some sexy Indian girls in Malaysia and Singapore, please share? In hindsight I was thinking should have got chatting to an Indian taxi driver, but this is a big risk on where he will then take you….

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