You have landed at the top level page of the Monger Planet photo galleries.  Select a sub menu item to goto each monger photo gallery.  The following is a brief description of each MongerPlanet photo album. Enjoy.


The Fleshpots monger photo album is more scenic and interesting photos of all the cities and countries I have visited around the world from Soho in London to Angkor Watt in Cambodia. More the kind of pictures normal tourists take.

prague dusk
Prague city scape

Bar Girls

The bars girls photo album is restricted to subscribers only.  The bars girl pictures are what most mongers want to see.  All the pretty bar girls I have been lucky to meet and have sex with around the world.  There is some nudity but it is more restricted to protect their identity from the casual visitor to MongerPlanet.

sexy latina teen
passions latina

Monger Porn

The monger porn gallery is you guess it dedicated to the reality porn that gets featured on MongerPlanet.  Its my experience that whore mongers are porn mongers too, although they appreciate more reality and ethnic girls.

tuk tuk patrol
thai pussy


So enjoy the MongerPlanet photo albums and please leave some feedback and comments on the photos you like and those you dont.

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