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Filipino Girls

Filipino girls can be some of the most sexy Asian girls you can meet.  There is some racial mixing going on in the Philippines with the Spanish and American colonisation.  Call them Filipino, Filipina or pinay and to mongers they are LBFM.  I have been mongering in the Philippines a few times, the first just visiting the mongering haven Angeles city and then Manila and Angeles.

Click on any of the pictures of the Filipino girls in the gallery below to be taken to more photos of the girls.  Be sure to check out Asian Sex Diary Philippines.

Filipino Girls

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If you have any tips or experiences to share with the Philippines or meeting Filipino girls then please leave a comment below.

2 thoughts on “Filipino Girls”

  1. Yes, 2 of the girls on this page were my “actresses”. All filipinas are very sexy….very easy to fall in love with. Just be aware that they often “bola bola” a man, meaning trick him into thinking she is in love with you. It feels great. Just remember for her it is about the money, her family, and she probably has a boyfriend or girlfriend. Enjoy the time together, pay her, and let her go.

    1. Very difficult not to fall in love. When i stopped falling in love with bargirls, it lost a lot of its magic. For a few it does work out. Your always playing a game with them zero sum. give and take.

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