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If you have own story to tell, have your own blog and would like to submit a guest post then please use the form below to contact me with a brief summary  and I will email you back directly.

If your query is related to a post, please use the comments section of that post as the information is useful to all readers.


If you are a webmaster or escort agency and interested in advertising on MongerPlanet or a link exchange then please also use the form above to contact me.  If you would like me to write a post for you then please also contact me using the form above.

Please also use the contact form to make suggestions on the kind of stuff you would like to see on MongerPlanet or any other queries you may have.


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2 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Hey,
    Just a new subscriber here and wanted to say what a fantastic job you’re doing with the site. So much helpful information as well as entertaining reading.
    Thanks so much and be well.

  2. Thanks for the thumbs up John. Of course what really helps is readers submissions, the good, the bad and the ugly, good old honest reporting on all the places in the world where there is some mongering to be had. So I really encourage all the readers of Mongerplanet to contact me and share their information. I cannot be everywhere all of the time. Also I have visited places because of recommendations from readers and their guest posts. Also avoided some places too.

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