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Cambodian Girls

Cambodia has a dark history but has some of the most beautiful Asian girls you will lay your eyes on.  Cambodian girls can be sweet if a little conservative.  Cambodian girls can be quite curvy often with big tits, nice butts and hairy pussy.  Khmer girls are not renowned for giving blowjobs but I have had some of the best blowjobs ever mongering in Cambodia.  The places to visit are the capital Phnom Penh and the coastal town of Sihanoukaville where you will meet many beautiful Khmer bar girls and hostesses.

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Cambodia is changing rapid today through modernity and a more stable political situation.  If you are a regular visitor to Thailand and fancy a change  then take the 1 hour flight to Phnom Penh from Bangkok.  Im sure like me you will become a regular visitor to Cambodia, it really is a beautiful country if a little backward.


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