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Bar Girls

For visitors who only want to look at the photos of bar girls I and others have met travelling around the world. Or for those who cannot or who wont read the stories behind the bargirls.

We are saying bars girls but these are all amateur photos including guest posts.  We say bar girls but we mean semi pro, non pro girls, streetwalkers, escorts, freelancers girls that we have paid for sex or for pleasure P4P.  These are bar girls and freelancer from the 4 corners of the world from Copacabana to Pattaya from Sosua to Odessa.  This is restricted and sensitive content so first please register to view bar girls and amateur semi pros from mongering all over the globe.

Bar Girls

Sensitive Content: You need to be registered and logged to view this content
If you are a monger with photos of bar girls you want to share including stories behind the photos then please leave a comment below or use the contact page to be featured on mongerplanet.

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