Tuk Tuk Doggy with Thai girls

Thailand tuk tuk patrol

Another day in Thailand, feeling horny, 1000 baht in my shorts so its out on another Tuk Tuk Patrol to find a cute Thai girl who wants to fuck an expat for a 1000 baht.  Not easy, not impossible mongering in Thailand.

Most expats in Thailand are on a limited budget and can no longer afford the fees the bar girls charge in the Gogos, which can set you back a total of 5000 baht these days.  If you hunt around online or the streets and shopping malls you can often find a Thai girl up for fucking an expat, if  your lucky you can get a freebie too.

Thailand tuk tuk patrol
Tuk Tuk Patrol

Kandi was one such Thai girl found in the country out on a Tuk Tuk Patrol.  You could tell Kandi was a naughty Thai girl.  Sure enough she was a very friendly Thai girl and it not take much persuasion for her to jump into the Tuk Tuk with the sexpat and take a long ride back to his cheap rented condo on the outskirts of the city.

Thai girl fucked doggy
Tuk Tuk Doggy

Back in the sexpats condo, Sexy Thai girl Kandi could not wait to get down and dirty not want any polite conversations she just wanted some expat cock in the her mouth and tight Thai pussy.  Kandi loves to fuck doggy, she loves bending over, her Thai ass in the air and a big cock entering her shaved tight thai pussy from behind, sends her to the spot.  Kandi loves being fucked doggy, she loves a big white cock in her from behind.

Tuk Tuk Patrol in Thailand is full of young Thai girls being fucked by expats from all over Thailand, Thai girls who love being fucked doggy.

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