Thai Girl in Black Lingerie Tuk Tuk Patrol

kim from tuk tuk patrol

It was a hot day in Thailand and it was a hot day in my pants feeling real horny it was out on another Tuk Tuk Patrol.  The Thai girls out on the streets were wearing the least cloths possible, little shorts and t-shirts. A Thai girl returns my smile so pull over the Tuk Tuk to small talk with a tall slender pretty Thai girl called Kim.

Kim was a friendly Thai girl, eager to chat to this tourist from the west, what was I doing in Thailand? what hotel was I staying?.  For sure this sexy Thai girl was at least semi pro, so I invited her to jump into the Tuk Tuk and come back to my hotel where we could enjoy some cool drinks and I could show her my photo collection.

kim from tuk tuk patrol
tuk tuk patrol

Kim knew the score and wants to know how much I pay her?  So I take her straight up to my hotel room as I deeply needed to stick my cock in this Thai girls pussy.  In the hotel room she strips off slowly for me and she is wearing real sexy lacy black lingerie under her black shorts and white t-shirt, I am bursting and cannot wait to fuck this Thai girls pussy hard.

thai girl black lingerie tuk tuk
black lacy panties

Kim was sporting a lovely tidy trimmed thai pussy and my mouth was watering, I wanted to taste that thai pussy first. Kim was a typical Thai girl with lovely pussy, small tits and bum.   Kim was great at sex, giving a great bareback blowjob and we just fucked in lots of different positions all afternoon, the air con was blasting to keep us cool.

I just love Thailand, I love going out on a Tuk Tuk Patrol when I am horny and nailing some horny Thai girl with a lovely trimmed Thai pussy behind that lacy black lingerie.  Tuk Tuk patrol has 1000s of amateur porn movies of Thai girls being fucked by tourists in their hotel rooms, but only in the members area of Tuk Tuk Patrol.  Join Tuk Tuk Patrol today.

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