Cute Asian Teen and the Old White Tourist

It use to be such a common sight in Asia and old usually white tourist hand in hand walking down the street with a cute Asian teen in some P4P agreement made on night in a bar somewhere downtown.  Places like Thailand are now such mass tourism centric that these sightings of an old white tourist with a cute Asian teen are alot less frequent even in places like Pattaya.
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Pattaya Mall Worker MILF Asian Sex Diary

One good thing with the big increase of tourist numbers to Pattaya in Thailand is all the new jobs available in the shopping malls, restaurants hotels and bars in Pattaya.  Many of these Thai women working normal jobs in Pattaya are susceptible to a little moonlighting on the side, semi pro girls wanting some extra baht and so it was for asian sex diary member one afternoon picking up a MILF working in a Pattaya shopping mall keen for some tourist cock.
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Teen Beach Girl from Pattaya

One of the big attractions of Pattaya in Thailand is it is by the coast compared to the hot humid metropolis that is Bangkok.  Decades ago Pattaya was just a small fishing village but became a stop off point for American GIs in the Vietnam war and quickly grew into an adult entertainment zone.
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Thai Girls with Hairy Pussy

One tactic for meeting Thai girls in Thailand be you in Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket is to rent a motocycle, ride around, with your eyes peeled you can check out many of the bar girls, girls sitting down on park benches or pretty Thai girls just walking down the street.  Not feel safe hiring your own motobike, then rent a Tuk Tuk and go on a Tuk Tuk Pussy Patrol
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Air Stewardess Filipino Sex Diary

Monger Sex Diary

A great place to visit in Asia for some easy Asian Pussy is the Philippines.  Monger favorites are of course Angeles city and Manila where a tourist can meet many Filipino girls.  Cebu is popular too for a less in your face monger experience.
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