Asian Sex Dating Diary

Dating Asian Girls

If you follow John Tron on Asian Sex Diary, you cant help feeling a bit envious on all the gorgeous asian babes he gets into bed.  How every day he manages to find a different Asian babe to have sex with.  Well I know he uses dating sites to hook up.
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Shaved Thai Pussy Tuk Tuk Patrol

Meeting Thai girls in Thailand is just so easy, getting some Thai pussy in Thailand is so easy, you can get some Thai pussy in the bars and gogos, in the shopping malls, on social and dating websites but how do you like your Thai pussy? natural or shaved?
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Thai Girl in Black Lingerie Tuk Tuk Patrol

It was a hot day in Thailand and it was a hot day in my pants feeling real horny it was out on another Tuk Tuk Patrol.  The Thai girls out on the streets were wearing the least cloths possible, little shorts and t-shirts. A Thai girl returns my smile so pull over the Tuk Tuk to small talk with a tall slender pretty Thai girl called Kim.
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Trimmed Thai Pussy Tuk Tuk Patrol

Feeling horny on some R&R in Thailand so hop into the Tuk Tuk and go out on a Tuk Tuk Pussy patrol.  A lovely friendly Thai girl spotted in an attractive orange dress, contrasts well with her long black silky hair can feel an erection growing in my pants sat in the Tuk Tuk.
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Pattaya Mall Worker MILF Asian Sex Diary

One good thing with the big increase of tourist numbers to Pattaya in Thailand is all the new jobs available in the shopping malls, restaurants hotels and bars in Pattaya.  Many of these Thai women working normal jobs in Pattaya are susceptible to a little moonlighting on the side, semi pro girls wanting some extra baht and so it was for asian sex diary member one afternoon picking up a MILF working in a Pattaya shopping mall keen for some tourist cock.
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Picking up Students in Pattaya Asian Sex Diary

There is so much Asian pussy available in Pattaya without hardly even trying.  If your not fussy and like drinking then just plonking yourself down in a beer bar down soi 7 or soi 8 off Beach road and you have no need to look any further.  Its that easy to get pussy in Pattaya.
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Pattaya Pussy Walking Street

Pattaya is still a great city in Thailand to take a sex vacation.  Pattaya is still the number one choice for hardcore sex tourists and cheap charlies.  But tourists with more money are also flocking to Pattaya and enjoy meeting the semi pro and freelancer girls late night in the discos and night clubs down Walking Street.
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