Thermae Threesome Bangkok

The next night all alone in Bangkok I end up inside the Thermae bar underneath the Ruamchitt hotel along the Sukhumvit road.  The Thermae was affectionately known as the star wars bar of Bangkok due to its mix of characters and nationalities. But in the Thermae there are many Thai freelancers for the taking and no barfine to pay.
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Soi Cowboy Waitress Bangkok

In under a year I was making my  third trip to Thailand and Bangkok.  This time I was travelling alone and not meeting anyone in Bangkok.  I was going to be a naughty bad boy all by myself.  It was a spur of the moment thing booked up Friday afternoon with Dial A Flight flying to Thailand on the Saturday for one week only.
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Thai BBBJ Bareback Blowjob Tuk Tuk Patrol

So mongering in Thailand on your sex vacation to Asia and another night out on a pussy Tuk Tuk Patrol.  What will the hot humid night turn up what you would really like is a Thai girl who loves to give head a nice blowjob would be good.
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