Teen Beach Girl from Pattaya

One of the big attractions of Pattaya in Thailand is it is by the coast compared to the hot humid metropolis that is Bangkok.  Decades ago Pattaya was just a small fishing village but became a stop off point for American GIs in the Vietnam war and quickly grew into an adult entertainment zone.
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Hairy Thai Teen Tuk Tuk Patrol

Riding around on a Tuk Tuk in Bangkok or Pattaya is a good way to scout the scene, pull up outside the beer bars, have a quick look around at all the Thai bar girls working and ride on if you dont see a bar girl that tickles your fancy or pull over and buy a beer and sit down next to the bar girl you like the look of.
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18 yo Filipina Girl Pussy

The great thing with travelling to the Philippines for your sex vacation is the variety of Filipino girls an old monger can meet and date and no one butts an eyelid.  You will often see old white sex tourists with 18 yo Filipino girls, one or maybe two on their arms.
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