Sultry Filipino Girl Trike Patrol

trike patol filipino

White guy on vacation to the Philippines is out on a Trike Patrol one night and comes across a cute Filipino babe.  This Filipina girl is just 19 years old and wants to come back to this white tourists dudes hotel for some hot sexy  fun in private.

What I like about the Philippines and Filipino girls is even though they are all Asian there is some diversity in the Pinay gene pool.  What with the Spanish and American occupations you will notice some euro asian and latin asian mixes.  Filipino girls can be quite curvy too some with big tits and big shapely butts.

sultry filipino girl
Amber trike patrol

Amber was one such Sultry Filipino babe found one night out on a Pinay pussy trike patrol.  Ambers loves tourist visitors to the Philippines and loves to make some cash on the side fucking them back in their hotels.  Here this Filipino cutie makes an amateur monger porn video, check out Ambers photo gallery too being fucked doggy by a white sex tourist and cumming all over her belly button.  This sultry Filipino girl just loves meeting tourists in the bar.

Trike Patrol is based soley in the Philippines and only features amateur Filipino girls making their first monger porn videos.  What you see here is just the tip of the iceberg promotional material.  Join Trike Patrol today to see thousands of Filipino teens, Filipino MILFS being fucked by mongers and tourists alike.  If you got your own amateur porn videos with Filipino girls, Trike Patrol would be interested in hosting them too.

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