Soi Cowboy Waitress Bangkok

lily bangkok asian sex diary

In under a year I was making my  third trip to Thailand and Bangkok.  This time I was travelling alone and not meeting anyone in Bangkok.  I was going to be a naughty bad boy all by myself.  It was a spur of the moment thing booked up Friday afternoon with Dial A Flight flying to Thailand on the Saturday for one week only.

Back in Bangkok

After returning home from my first trip to Thailand I wondered if I would ever goto Thailand again :-).  I had not booked a hotel in Bangkok and tried to checkin to the Ambassador hotel on soi 11, but they were fully booked.  A taxi driver outside the Ambassador came to my rescue and took me around to Park hotel on soi 7 opposite the beer garden.  So excited in my hotel room unpacking.  The plan the first night was to head down to soi 33 and into christies to see if that gorgeous hostess still worked there, the one I had fallen in love with.  Nearly one year later her female charms had pulled me back to Bangkok, she was still under my skin.

Soi Cowboy Detour

It was great walking down the Sukhumvit road again, on my own, taking in the sights, the sounds and the smells.  Out of the corner of my eye as I crossed the road at Asoke I suddenly saw the entrance to soi cowboy and remembered the one night I had spent down soi cowboy and bar girl I had barfined.

Soi Cowboy was all lit up with neon lights, not many people about.  I sat outside a bar and enjoyed a couple of draft beers, these were good times, I was so happy to be back in Bangkok.  Later I popped into my first gogo of this trip down soi Cowboy.  I was one of the only punters in the gogo and I had about 5 or 6 young extremely attractive gogo Thai girls all over me, like flies crawling over a fresh turd 🙂  One was exceptional but knew it and was playing hard to get.

Cute Waitress

The waitress working in the gogo was really cute and friendly and you can barfine the waitresses too, they also have a number pinned to their outfit. I decided to barfine the waitress and took her back to the Park hotel on soi 7.  She stayed longtime.

lily bangkok asian sex diary
bangkok waitress

With her cloths off she was not so hot, not as good as that naked gogo dancer any case, but still cute.  She then gave me a fantastic BBBJ.  I had not cum for days and was about to explode in her mouth, I warned her, but she wanted to take my load in her mouth.

soi cowboy waitress bangkok
bangkok bbbj

And wow what a Bangkok CIM, she took the lot until every last drop was sucked out.  She then went to the toilet and spat it all out down the sink.  After she cuddled up and we fell asleep. Good first night mongering in back in Bangkok, if though taking a detour down soi cowboy and meeting a cute waitress.


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