Soi Cowboy Bar Girl Bangkok

soi cowboy Bangkok

Having had such a great first night mongering in Bangkok, the next day I needed to recharge and spent the best part of the day drinking down soi 4 and the beer bars of Nana Plaza, a great place to hang out in Bangkok if you like drinking and watching the day go by.

My friends had had an eventual first night whoring in Bangkok.  They had stayed put in the Golden Bar and carried on drinking.  With the beer goggles firmly in place they had bar fined the bar girls they were talking to out of the Golden Bar.  One had gone for a threesome, but said it had not gone well, with one bar girl waiting in the bathroom while he fucked the other.  Threesomes often dont work out they way we want them too. My other friend had now fallen in love with his bargirl and was keeping her with him in tow.

The day wore on down the Nana and already I was wanting to see a different part of Bangkok.  Me and one of my friends jumped into a Tuk Tuk and took a ride down to Soi Cowboy.

Soi Cowboy

It was early for Soi Cowboy the gogos were preparing for the night ahead. I peeped through the curtains of some of gogos down soi cowboy and could see all the Thai girls sat on the seats preparing their makeup, they looked tired, like a long night was ahead.   We had a couple of beers sat outside the bars of Soi Cowboy.  Down the bottom of Soi Cowboy I noticed a very pretty bar girl and went over to her for a little chat. She agreed to come back to my hotel with me long time.  So I paid her barfine and the three of us took a Tuk Tuk back to our hotel the Royal Asia lodge off soi 8 the Sukhumvit.

This bar girl from soi cowboy had a very pretty face, naked though she not look so good, slim but shaved pussy and no tits. I fucked her all the same and cum all over her little tight Thai ass.  Having cum now, not really know what to do with her, so let her go with a short time fee of 1000 baht.

Back then Soi Cowboy was off the radar for most tourists some nights you could be the only punter in some of the Gogos, there was never the thoroughfare of lookey loos you get today walking down Soi Cowboy.  Hollywood made a couple of films that featured soi cowboy and now every tourist wants a selfie standing in Soi Cowboy and post it to facebook.

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