Skinny Thai Bar Girls

thailand bar girls

Not so true anymore, but go back a decade or two and the majority of Thai bar girls you would have met would have been very slim, petite even skinny compared to western standards.  These little brown slim Thai girls were a novelty at first, but quickly you would begin to desire Asian girls with more curves.

Many of girls working in Thailands beer bars and gogos in places like Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket were young, fresh from the farm and very slim due to their diet and lifestyles back in Issan where the majority came from.  Now if you go into a beer bar in Pattaya even a gogo in Bangkok many will be fat mature and plastered in tattoos, with shaved pussies and silicon implants.  Enough to make you go celibate.  It can be a long night trying to find a skinny thai bar girl if thats your thing.

skinny thai bar girls
shaved thai pussy

Sat in a beer bar in Pattaya, there would be at least 5 or 6 Thai bar girls you were spoil for choice for.  These thai girls were so skinny, so petite and slim with tiny frames, rarely weighing over 45 kg, you could pick them up and sit them on your lap.  These Thai bar girls were sweet too, almost child like.  Indeed there was a problem with age with some of these Thai bar girls, you needed to check their ID cards. But again because of their diets and lifestyles many looked younger than they actually were.

Not now, the younger Thai girls have many other options than to work in the sex industry in Thailand, plus Thai families in rural communities are not having so many children anymore, which started to occur 20 years ago, so now there is a shortage of pretty skinny slim Thai bar girls working in the sex tourist zones.

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