The Saddest Place in Bangkok

saddest place in bangkok

I was having a nice time in Pattaya and Jomtien with my new Thai girlfriend, in the back of my mind though was all the mongering opportunities I was missing not being on my own.  I enjoyed this Thai girls company, she was sweet and intelligent but deep down my heart was in the hands of another Thai bar girl.

My friend was in Thailand but up north in the Issan region staying long term with his Thai wife now.  Yes the hardened hooker he had met in the Bangkok Golden Bar 6 months ago he had now married.  My thai girlfriend was good friends with his Thai wife and they were often on the phone chatting.  We invited them down to Pattaya for a few days. I would cover their hotel costs.   So we all met up in Pattaya and had some good times, the girls knew a few of the girls now running businesses in Pattaya and we would make new friends.

My girlfriend wanted us all to go to her village and meet her family in the mountains.  My friend and his Thai wife agreed to come along, needed the moral support.  In the early days of mongering in Thailand, it was a rite of passage to go to the village and meet the Thai bar girls family.  My thai girlfriend hired a driver from the business in Bangkok and he came and picked us up and drive all the way to the village.

Had a great couple of days in the village, my thai girlfriend cooking authentic thai food. Showing off a western or farang boyfriend in a Thai village is a status symbol and of course if often translates to the farang handing over large amounts of cash to support the family.  After a few days we all returned to Bangkok and booked back into the same hotel in Silom near Patpong.  My friend and his wife not really have much money and one night she disappeared says she had family business to deal with in Bangkok.  It later transpired an old flame was back in Bangkok and she went to meet him, more to earn a few thousand baht than cheat on my friend.  Its the only way she knew how.  These two Thai girls were really different but friends all the same. Eventually my friend left Bangkok and returned to Issan with his Thai wife.

traditional thai dance
Thai restuarant

One night we went out for dinner and met one of her friends, a good night in a traditional thai restaurant somewhere far down the Sukhumvit road.  They wanted to go onto Spassos nightclub but I did not want to go, so I was allowed a night off to explore the Nana Plaza.  On the taxi to the Nana I passed soi 33 and my stomach wrenched, I wanted to go back down soi 33 into Christies and see if that hostess was still working there.  I had to suppress the idea and had a good night in the Nana Plaza gogos but not barfine.

Another customary obligation with having a Thai girlfriend is buying her a gold bracelet which she convinced me to do on my last day in Bangkok.  This is just like putting the equivalent amount of money around their wrist which they can later exchange for a higher amount.

saddest place in bangkok
Don Muang

Finally I had to say goodbye to my new Thai girlfriend and found myself back in the saddest place in Bangkok the Don Muang departure lounge.  Waiting for the long 12 hour flight back to London.  But now Thailand was running through my veins it was now apart of my culture and future life.  I was addicted to Thailand, For better or worse Life would never be the same.

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