Finding a pretty Thai bar girl Tuk Tuk Patrol

tuk tuk patrol thailand

When you are out on the hunt for a good looking bar girl in Thailand be it in Pattaya or Bangkok, it can be a long night trying to find a pretty Thai girl.  A Thai bar girl that gives you a semi erection in your pants when you look at her and then interview her.

What can speed things up for you hunting pussy in Thailand is hiring your own driver, a driver you can trust and have built a relationship with and going out on a Tuk Tuk patrol.   Without hiring a Tuk Tuk or motobike Pattaya is easier to hunt down Thai pussy than Bangkok as you can just jump on and off a baht bus for 1o baht and do the full circuit from beach road to second and take a walk up Walking street.

Generally it is considered better looking girls work in the gogos, but the barfine and the girls fee in gogos is usually more expensive.   Advantage of gogos over beer bars is that you get to see your thai girl scantly clad in a bikini or lingerie sometimes even naked, but the light in gogos can be poor.  Its by no means exclusive you will only find pretty thai bar girls in the gogos though of Pattaya and Bangkok.  I have barfined many a pretty thai bar girl from the beers bars especially in Pattaya.  Pattaya just has hundreds of beer bars dotted all over the place.  1000s of beer bar girls to choose from.

pretty thai girl fucked
fuk fuk patrol

I have had many a long night pounding the streets of Pattaya hoping to find a pretty Thai bar girl sometimes going back to my hotel empty handed, other times finding a really cute bar girl and fucking her all night. There is no magic formula for finding a pretty thai bar girl mongering in Thailand, you just have to get out and pound the streets.  Tuk Tuk Patrol got lucky one night with this pretty thai bar girl Lei.  Enoy the video clip of this pretty thai girl getting fucked by a sex tourist on Tuk Tuk Patrol.

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