Picking up Students in Pattaya Asian Sex Diary

pattaya student asian sex diary

There is so much Asian pussy available in Pattaya without hardly even trying.  If your not fussy and like drinking then just plonking yourself down in a beer bar down soi 7 or soi 8 off Beach road and you have no need to look any further.  Its that easy to get pussy in Pattaya.

But if your a monger with standards, with some game who likes a challenge and hunting then you might get bored with the beer bars and gogos of Pattaya.  Eventually all those pro Thai girls get to look the same, the spectacle loses its magic and your heart desires something different.

Things are changing in Pattaya but Pattaya is still sin city.  Bad guys still goto Pattaya and Pattaya is still a mecca for whore mongering.  Pattaya is the capital of whore mongering in the world.  Any serious world travelling whore monger has visited Pattaya probably many times.   There is no shaking off Pattaya reputation as pussy paradise and sin city of Asia.  Not for decades to come even though today Pattaya does attract more couples and mainstream tourism.  Pattaya is probably responsible for alot of divorces and breakups too.

With this is mind most of the innocent looking Thai girls working in the shops and restaurants or visiting Pattaya for the weekend are up for some P4P and these thai girls could be classified as semi or non pro girls.  These semi pro Thai girls are usually working a long way from home and Pattaya is a huge sprawling place today so they not have a reputation to protect they are largely anonymous.  Point is these semi pro girls in Pattaya can fuck around for some extra cash, but continue with their normal lifes and not have to work in a beer bar, a gogo or hang around freelancing along beach road or the late night discos of Walking street.

asian sex diary pattaya
pattaya student

Asian sex diary when visiting Pattaya hook up with many non pro and semi pro girls to make some fresh new amateur monger porn videos.  Check out this petite Pattaya student found while out shopping.  you can hook up with these non pro girls in Pattaya online or simply chatting to them in the shops on the street wherever.

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