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Bangkok and Pattaya are great sex destinations in Thailand and contending for third place has to be Patong in Phuket, an island off the south of Thailand.  So good that Asian Sex Diary often takes a tour for some Thai pussy down in Phuket.

Its not too difficult to find yourself some Thai pussy in Patong Phuket especially down Bangla road.  Bangla road is the red light district of Patong in Phuket.  There are 100s if not thousands of Thai bar girls working down Bangla road in Patong Phuket at night.  Things dont really get going until after 7 pm down Bangla road but you can relax on the beautiful beaches of Phuket during the day.  The beaches of Phuket is one thing Phuket has over Pattaya.

There are 100s of beer bar complexs along Bangla road in Patong with 1000s of Thai bar girls to choose from.  bar fines can go as high as 1000 baht and expect to pay a short time fee of at least 2000 baht, you will be hard pushed to get some Thai pussy in Phuket cheaper than this.  For budget travellers to Thailand and cheap charlies Pattaya has more to offer with cheaper accommodation, food, cheaper bar fines and cheaper short time and long time fees for some Thai pussy.

phuket sex diary
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Bangla Road in Patong also has a a dozen gogos or so but these can be really expensive, so many tourists head to Patong at night now in Phuket, Bangla road is full of lookey loos and its hard for the bars to make money.

There are a few nightclubs in Patong Phuket where you can pick yourself up a Thai freelancer, not pay a barfine and negotiate a short time or long time fee.  For Thai MILFS as asian sex diary Thailand met, then they come cheaper and back in your hotel you will find these Phuket MILFs are up for anything sexually.

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