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asian sex diary

Some mongers forego Thailand and Asia altogether as they like there girls with curves, big tits and asses.  Its well know many Asian girls are on the skinny side, almost boy like bodies but tight little Asian pussies.  Some mongers prefer asian girls and like the fact they can buy Asian teen girls that are very petite and slight built.

The mongers behind Asian Sex Diary dont give a flying fuck who they fuck, they just like to find willing Asian girls of all shapes and sizes who are happy to come back to the hotel and make a hot amateur porn video for a few thousand extra baht of course.

15 years ago mongering in Thailand you would have been hard push to find a fat thai girl or a thai girl with curves.  All the Thai girls dancing in the gogos and working the beer bars were skinny farm girls from Issan and you were looking for something different, a thai girl with big tits and some ass.   Now the tables have turned all that western investment and fast food and many Thai girls are now fat.  You now go out hunting hoping to find a skinny petite thai teen.

petite thai teen girl
thai teen fucked

Not a problem for the mongers behind Asian sex Diary, they know where to find skinny thai bar girls to fuck.  Foam was one such petite thai teen asian sex diary found one night out hunting.  Foam is just 18 years old and loves her tight asian pussy being stuffed with big tourist cocks.

Asian Sex Diary is simply the best monger amateur porn fresh out of Asia on the internet.  Join Asian sex diary today to see hundreds of petite asian teens being fucked by mongers and sex tourists travelling through Asia.   Asian sex diary is updated daily from all over Asia, many like you who have joined have stayed member of Asian sex diary for years.  You will be addicted if you love asian girls and hot asian pussy.

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