Pattaya Girlfriend Experience

pattaya girlfriend experience

Had a nice time in Bangkok with my new Thai girlfriend, enjoyed the company, she was soft and sweet like most Thai girls, nice to share the king size bed in my hotel in Silom with this Thai girl and good to have regular sex.  We were now making our way to Pattaya for a few days.

A taxi from Bangkok to Pattaya takes around 2 hours and back then cost no more than 1000 baht.  We had booked a hotel in Jomtien, just down from Pattaya and a bit more quiet, not so many mongers and sex tourists.

Jomtien Pattaya
Jomtien beach

This was only my second time in Pattaya, so it was all new and exciting still to me, but a wise man once said never take your girlfriend to Pattaya.

We spent a nice few days in Jomtien and Pattaya just relaxing and taking it easy.  Again I was not paying this girl a day rate or had a barfine to pay.  I was paying for accommodation but thats no different for one or two people staying in a hotel room and of course I was paying for meals and drinks.   In Pattaya and Jomtien I had to myself all day, she would not disappear for a couple of hours Business like she was doing in Bangkok.  I was getting the real girlfriend experience in Pattaya.

pattaya girlfriend experience
pattaya girlfriend experience

We would walk along the beach in morning, relax on the deck chairs.  I took a jet ski on Jomtien beach and got severe sunburn later, really need to put some suncream on even for 20 minutes with the sea spray especially in March which is a hot month.

pattaya walking street
walking street

In the evening we would take a baht bus into Pattaya and enjoy the adult entertainment down Walking street.  With my Thai girlfriend in tow I kept noticing some really cute beer bar girls in Pattaya that I wish I was alone and would have barfined.  Even getting the girlfriend experience in Pattaya, you still want some variety to be naughty on the side, else I was just a monger at heart and falling in love with an ex bar girl was really a mistake, but I was enjoying myself, living for the moment at least for now.

2 thoughts on “Pattaya Girlfriend Experience”

  1. Hey…it reminds me also When first i was in Pattaya. Was travelling with thai girlfriend from Bangkok by her car. I was her passenger – I know weird 🙂
    In Pattaya and especially walking street was something what Really amazed me. Then I also realized that better should be alone here 😉
    Just crazy city

    1. Yes use to be the case ‘never take your girlfriend to pattaya’ now everyone from all over the world takes there wife and family. still pattaya has a lot to offer the monger.

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