Pattaya Beer Bar Girls

pattaya beer bar girl

After a couple of nights debauchery and mongering in Bangkok, I took a taxi to sin city Pattaya.   This would be the first time I would be going to Pattaya alone, without friends and their girlfriends, without a Thai girlfriend and I was going to be a naughty boy.

Flipper Girl Friendly

I had not reserved a hotel room in Pattaya just got the taxi to drop me off outside the Flipper lodge up soi 8 between beach and second road.  The Flippers were a mongers favourite always girl friendly.  A few mongers hanging out around the swimming pool and some nice sunsets over Pattaya bay.

pattaya bay sunset
pattaya bay sunset

Beach Road Beer Bar Girl

That first night in Pattaya I am walking down Beach Road and some Pattaya beer bar girls pull me into their bar for a beer.   The next thing a really cute young Thai Teen bar girl sits next to me and wants me to barfine her.

pattaya beer bar girl
beach road bar girl

Its early but I know I am not going to find a better, cuter more willing Thai bar girl in Pattaya.   I pay the barfine of 200b and take her back to the Flipper hotel for a good fucking and sucking.  Very friendly Thai bar girl and in the morning take her for breakfast and pay her 1000 baht longtime.

Walking Street Beer Bar Girl

The next afternoon in Pattaya I am having a late afternoon beer in Simons beer bar along Walking Street.  I remember being sat here the year before with my Thai girlfriend and a really cute curvy Thai beer bar girl was working but I could do nothing but fantasise.  This time I was alone and got chatting to another cute beer bar girl in Pattaya.  Chatted to her for a hour or two, paid for a few ladydrinks then paid her barfine and took her back to the flipper.

beer bar girl pattaya
walking street bar girl

Another good fuck and my this girl had such a thick hairy Thai pussy.  I do like hairy pussy on my Thai girls. Another Pattaya beer bar girl very friendly, eager to fuck.  She stayed all night, took her for breakfast in the morning and walked her back to Walking street, paid her 1000 baht and promised to barfine her again, but I did not.

Its so easy to meet pretty young beer bar girls in Pattaya.   Just walk around the streets of Pattaya and take a seat in a beer bar where you see some pretty Thai bar girls working.  If you want to see lots more Pattaya beer bars actually being fucked in the hotel room then check out Asian Sex Diary’s guide to mongering in Pattaya.

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