Pattaya Sex Diary

Pattaya asian sex diary

Pattaya in Thailand is a great destination for any budding sex tourist or any lonely old and young men living in western society craving the attentions of lots of eager young and older Thai bar girls.  Things on the ground in Pattaya are transforming rapidly now though, from a mecca sex tourist destination to main stream holidays for hoardes of Chinese and Russians.

Pattaya Pussy

Eventually the way things are going Pattaya from Beach road to Second road will turn over to main stream tourism.  the seedy red light zones of Pattaya will move further up to Third road and such like.  With less sex tourists visiting Pattaya the gogos, beer bars and sex clubs cannot make money from lookey loos alone.  Much of the new hotels being built in Pattaya today are aimed at tourists with lots of money, not cheap charlies.

Pattaya Pussy
Pattaya Pussy

Still in the meantime an energized monger can still find himself a cute bar girl in Pattaya, but it might be a long night and your feet might be sore long before your dick is.

Pattaya used to be Bangkok by the sea but cheaper.  You not have to walk far out of your hotel to find a cute Thai bar girl.  In fact I have stayed in the Flipper down soi 7 and not walked 50 yards and found myself a real cute bar girl.  Barfines used to be 300 baht and long time was 1000 baht with no mobile phones ringing.  With you wanting them to leave so you could barfine someone new rather than them trying to get away.  How times have changed in Pattaya and Thailand.

Still you can have fun in Pattaya and look hard and you will find yourself a cute bar girl.   Nowdays you would pay 5000 baht for long time with a Pattaya gogo girl.   The areas to find bar girls are in the gogos down Walking Street, the beer bars of soi 7 and soi 8.  The quickie bars of soi 6, soi 6 is still good value.  Many of the cute Thai beer bar girls have vanished in Pattaya today.  Many have been replaced with fat mature Tattooed High mileage Thai pro hardcore hookers.  Many beer bars are simply empty.

To really get a feel and look at what it is really like to monger in Pattaya and how to get the best Pattaya Pussy join Asian Sex Diary Thailand today. Much of the amateur porn footage was shot with bar girls in Pattaya.

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