Patpong Hostess Bangkok

patpong hostess bangkok

After a few nights hanging around the Nana Plaza on soi 4. we felt like visiting a different part of Bangkok, we had already done soi cowboy and soi 33 also on the Sukhumvit, so we jumped into some Tuk Tuks and took a ride to Patpong in Silom Bangkok.

Bangkok red light districts

There are three main red light districts in Bangkok, two off the Sukhumvit road one being the Nana Plaza largely catering to sexpats in Bangkok and hardcore mongers and sex tourists.  Then there is soi cowboy with lots of lookey loo tourists passing through as well as sex tourists looking for a thai bargirl or gogo dancer to barfine and fuck.

The other area is in Silom or Patpong.  Patpong is the oldest red light district in Bangkok and the quieter of the three now.  In Patpong there are bars to avoid and sex shows with ping pong balls pissing etc.  Aggressive Thai touts on the streets will entice you into bars upstairs, but these bars in Patpong are to be avoided, the gogo bars on the ground floors are safe to enter and you will not get ripped off.  The red light district of Patpong is concentrated in two roads called Patpong 1 and Patpong 2, Patpong 1 has a night market and sells rubbish.

Executive Lounge Patpong

Anyway one of my friends has his Thai girlfriend in tow that he met in the golden bar and took us to the Executive lounge in Patpong.  The Executive lounge was a nice hostess bar in Patpong with well dressed ladies working inside and some were very attractive.

patpong hostess bangkok
Patpong Hostess

One hostess in the executive lounge in Patpong would not leave me alone all night and not take no for answer.  In the end I barfine her and take her back to the hotel for long time.  She was very friendly had a lovely hairy thai pussy that got soaking wet if I touched her.  What put me off her though was that her breath smelled.  She wanted to stick around the next day and come to Pattaya with me, but I not want a Thai girlfriend in tow, I wanted to butterfly in Pattaya.

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