Never take your girlfriend to Pattaya

We were only suppose to spend two days in Bangkok and then spend the remainder of our sex vacation in sin city Pattaya.  But one of my friends had fallen in love with the first bar girl her met in the Golden Bar Bangkok.  My other friend now had a Thai girlfriend he had met in a hostess bar in Patpong.  We were getting bored with Bangkok, so why not get a minibus and spend the weekend in Pattaya – that way they could take their bangkok girlfriends with them to Pattaya.

So it was arranged a minibus picked us up from our hotel down the bottom of soi 8 off the Sukhumvit.  I had befriended an old monger in the Royal Asia lodge and he saw us off – he looked at me without a bangkok girlfriend in tow and bellowed

‘Never take your girlfriend to Pattaya’

Never a truer word spoken. I intended to be a bad boy in Pattaya even though I had stirring affections for a bangkok bargirl I had met down soi 33 but I had no plans to ever see her again.   Cost us 2000 baht to hire the minibus and the journey from Bangkok to Pattaya took around 2 hours.

We checked into the Flipper hotel down soi 7 in Pattaya on recommendation from one of my friends Bangkok girlfriends, she had stayed here many times before with many different boyfriends she had met in the golden bar.  She had been a Bangkok hooker for over 10 years now and it was really beginning to show, but she was knowledgeable and a good guide.

Pattaya bay
Pattaya bay

After unpacking we take a walk along Pattaya beach and up into the sois near Walking street.  We get hooked into getting some tailormade shirts and suits and then pop into a gogo opposite.  The gogo girls in Pattaya were more raunchy than their sisters in Bangkok.  One was sat on my lap letting me finger her and suck her tits.  Decided to barfine her.

After now all of us with girlfriends in tow goto a restaurant on walking street where we all order the works.   Later I walk her back to my hotel for a good fucking and sucking.  Long time back then in Pattaya was 1000 baht which I paid her in the morning.  I was really feeling it now, I had had so much pussy in Thailand my body and mind needed a rest.   Still a good first night mongering in Pattaya.

So many guys take a regular holiday to Thailand with their wife or girlfriend.  They include Pattaya and it is more than mortal man can handle.  In the back of his mind the guy is already planning to return to Pattaya without his girlfriend or wife.  Back home he gets divorced breaks up and sets in motion that sex vacation to Pattaya.  Never take your girlfriend to Pattaya.

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