Kings Group Gogos Patpong Bangkok

Patpong Bangkok gogos

Enjoyed a few nights out around Patpong in Bangkok with my Thai girlfriend as we were staying in Silom.  For my entertainment she even come into a few gogos with me around Patpong.  The plan was we would eventually move onto Pattaya and then she would take me to her village in the North of Thailand.

At the time the stage in the Kings group Patpong was packed out with young Thai girls doing the Bangkok shuffle, I could not believe my eyes.  Lots of Asian guys in the Kings group Gogos were snapping pictures of all the young girls on stage, this is usually not allowed, strictly no pictures but no one on security was stopping them.

Patpong Bangkok gogos
Patpong night market

Even though I was with my Thai girlfriend, going into a Bangkok gogo especially while in Patpong was compulsory viewing.  The Kings group was or still is one of the best Gogo chains in Patpong, but do not seem to have a presence in the other gogo bar areas off the Sukhumit namely Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy.

Patpong in Bangkok is a good night out for the naughty boy monger in Thailand.  But today the Kings group Gogos dont seem to have the quality of young Thai girls working as back then.  You are kind of restricted when you have your Bangkok girlfriend in tow. Or when you are with your Thai girlfriend you see no end of potential working girls you could really fuck.  When you are on your own and available it can be a really long night hunting the sois of Bangkok for some Thai pussy P4P.  Sods Law.

Patpong day time Bangkok
Patpong Bangkok

My Bangkok girlfriend was sweet, I enjoyed her company, and not paying her a daily rate, she had plenty of money already.  She would sleep with me every night in Bangkok.  During the day she would go to work and conduct her business I would amuse myself around Patpong.

Patpong in the daytime looks quiet compared to the night, but there are some blowjob bars open like Kangaroo and Star of Light.  Also old Thai women will run up to you and take you to a massage parlor if you want where full sex is on offer.  I declined,  I had some nice fresh clean Thai pussy to fuck whenever I wanted.

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