Jakarta Sex Diary Indonesia

Jakarta sex diary

If you been mongering in Asia long you probably started off in Thailand visiting places like Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket.  After a few trips you may have fancied something different and travelled to places like Cambodia and Angeles in the Philippines.  The other mongering destination in Asia is Indonesia and Jakarta the capital.

Typically Indonesian girls are more rounded, you can find very curvy Indonesian girls and to some Indonesian girls are known as the Latinas of Asia.   Indonesia is a muslim country prostitution is illegal but everywhere you  go in Jakarta.  These is some great sex to be had in Jakarta.   Many hotels and clubs have spas that are fronts for giant brothels.  In Jakarta everywhere you go you will meet cute Indonesian girls who love some white tourist cock, makes a change from all those lame Indonesian men.

Jakarta sex diary
Jakarta girl

Asian sex diary members often take a flight over to Jakarta in Indonesia for a fuck fest with pretty curvy little Indonesian working girls.  Yanti was one of the first conquests in Jakarta.  Yanti is not your typical curvy Indonesian girl quite petite in fact but she has an insatiable appetite for big tourist cocks and loves to fuck and suck and make some extra money on the side for college studies.

Travelling to Jakarta in Indonesia from somewhere like Bangkok in Thailand and it feels like you are at the edge of the world.  Jakarta itself is a big shithole of a city, dirty polluted and overpopulated.  Difficult to get around too always gridlocked with traffic jams unless you travel late at night like after 9pm.  A favorite place to hang out in Jakarta is Kota in north Jakarta for some cheap Indo pussy and plenty of it.  Other favorites for expats is the Blok M area where there are a collection of western bars.

Check out A week of Indonesian pussy hunting in Jakarta for my Asian Sex Diary to get a taste of what it really is like to monger in Jakarta Indonesia. Asian Sex Diary features hundreds of Indonesia girls making their first amateur porn videos, they are all behind the members area only. I will be featuring more sexy girls from all over Indonesia, stay tuned.

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