Golden Bar Nana Bangkok

golden bar bangkok

Arriving at our hotel by taxi from Bangkok airport we checked into our rooms at the Royal Asia Lodge bottom of soi 8 off the Sukhumvit road.  We were excited, this was our first ever trip to Thailand and we knew we were going to be naughty boys.

We unpacked and showered and met in my room, my friend remarked it was a bonking hotel, even condoms on table.  For sure the Royal Asia lodge was girl friendly and could call room massage.  At the time I had got the recommendation for this hotel from the Baron Bonk.  Unfortunately Baron Bonk has recently passed away, resigned to the annals of mongering history now.

Excitedly we walked up soi 8 it was late September warm and humid.  Onto the Sukhumvit and turned left. I knew where we were heading towards soi 4 and the Nana Plaza.  On the corner of soi 4 a street tout intercepts us and wants to take us to the Happy House down soi 1.  He tell us all the bar girls are ugly down soi 4 and the Nana.  We followed him for a bit but got fed up and headed back to the Nana.  Its mid afternoon about 3pm.  We have our first beer in Hot Dogs with the Nana Plaza behind us.

The gogos in the Nana Plaza not open until 7pm, we had arrived.  We made our way over to the Golden Bar adjacent to the Nana Hotel and sunk a few more beers.  Its not long and we have 3 or 4 bar girls sat at our table with us, the next thing we are buying them lady drinks, getting massages and getting very relaxed.

But in the bright light of the day, these bar girls had high mileage mature and not what I had flown all the way to Bangkok for.  I parted made my way back to the hotel to shower and take a wander by myself down the Sukhumvit road – an adult playground.

bangkok bar girls
golden bar girls

During our stay in Bangkok the golden bar down Nana soi 4 became our local and we got friendly with many of the Bangkok bar girls working there.  One morning these two pretty Bangkok bar girls were working, why I not barfine them there and then I dont know, my balls must have been empty from the night before mongering in Bangkok.  Today the Golden Bar has gone, been replaced with Hooters.  This surely is the beginning of the end for soi 4 and the Nana as we mongers know it.

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