First night mongering Bangkok

mongering in Bangkok

I return to our hotel down the bottom of soi 8, the royal Asia lodge, off the Sukhumvit road leaving my friends in the Golden Bar down the Nana with some mature high mileage bar girls and for them the beer goggles were firmly in place.

I had done alot of research for my first night mongering in Bangkok and not want to get drunk and sit in the Golden Bar all night.  I took a shower and then took a look over Bangkok from the rooftop pool on top of Royal Asia lodge.  Bangkok sure was a humming city, a great place to be at night and the night was young.  I was horny and very excited about my first night mongering in Bangkok.

Sukhumvit Road Massage

I wandered down the Sukhumvit road opposite direction to Nana and other side of the road taking in the sights, the smells and the sounds.  Its was fascinating for sure an Adult Disneyland.  There were, bars, bar girls, streetwalkers, massage parlours, gogos dotted down the whole stretch of the Sukhumvit road.

From my jetlag, I really felt like relaxing and enjoying one of these legendary Thai massages.  I noticed a yellow neon sign ‘Massage’ up an ally behind a bamboo like beer bar complex and decided to take a closer look.  A lovely curvy pretty Thai girl come running up to me and showed me the massage menu.  I went for an 1 hour full body oil massage for something like 200 baht and she took me to a back room with a proper massage table, shower, clean towels and air conditioning.  I got naked laid on my front and really enjoyed the back massage.  I kept dosing off I was so comfortable and the massage was very good.

The magic moment is when you turn over and she starts to massage near your cock and you cannot help but get an erection.  She started touching the end of my cock, asking if I want anything extra. I could have done whatever I wanted to her, but at the time wanted to play it safe.  She looked like she had a lovely big pair of Thai tits under her shirt and I asked If she would jerk me off between her tits.  She was happy to oblige for 500 baht.  I sat in front of her on the massage table, her tits were big firm and natural and she grasped them perfectly around my cock moving them up and down, I was in Bangkok but I was also in heaven, I cum gallons all over her tits and it all dripped down between her cleavage.

It was an excellent start to my first night mongering in Bangkok.  In all my time since visiting Bangkok I have never met another girl like her and never had such a good tit wank.  Funny how things like that always happen when you first arrive, never to be repeated.  Like a lot of the old places along the Sukhumvit road the massage shop, the beers bars were knocked down and replaced with hotels and condos.

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