Eden Club Bangkok

Bangkok eden club

Before my first visit to Bangkok in Thailand I had done some research and had a list of places I wanted to visit while mongering in Bangkok.  One of these places I wanted to visit in Bangkok was the Eden club off the Sukhumvit road down soi 7,1.

So what is hot about the Eden club in Bangkok?  Its a sex club, a small place with a bar and short time rooms and lots of thai whores to choose from.  Inside the Eden club the prices are fixed.  Mongers are encouraged to choose two girls and have a threesome.  All the Thai girls working in the Eden club give BBBJ and CIM and many do anal too.

bangkok eden club
eden club bangkok

Inside the Eden club, once you are ready to choose your Thai girl or girls they line up in front of you and there is a yellow line painted on the stone floor.  Those thai girls standing oneside of the  yellow line will do anal sex those the other side will not.  So if your into anal sex and threesomes then the Eden club in Bangkok is going to be right down your street.

Me as a monger, I am not really interested in anal, but love BBBJ with CIM and two girls sharing my cock in their mouths, a threesome.  The advice in the Eden club is to choose one thai girl from the line up and then let your choice of Thai girl choose her best friend.  The logic being they will work well together.

So inside the Eden club I chose my Thai girl and she chose her friend, I paid 3000 baht to the bar and the two thai girls took me upstairs to a well equipped clean short time room.  We all shower together naked and they are soaping up my cock and balls, getting it very hard and giggling.

On the bed I lay back and the two thai whores get to work on my cock, sucking licking sharing.  I just want to lay back and enjoy a good wet sloppy blowjob I not got the energy to fuck so just let these two cock suckers suck away.  Eventually I cum over their pretty thai faces and in their mouths and they take the lot.

You get an hour with your choice of Thai girls in the Eden club, I turn over and the Thai girls give me a back massage.  Then for my entertainment they pull out a double ended giant Dildo and fuck each other with it in front of me.  Hows that for service?  I highly recommend all mongers to visit the Eden club in Bangkok at least once.

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