Cute Thai Bar Girl Tuk Tuk Patrol

cute thai bar girl tuk tuk

Out on a Tuk Tuk Patrol in one of Thailands many beer bar complexes and a very cute Thai teen bar girl was noticed.  She was fresh from the farms of Issan with a sweet demure about her.  Like many of the girls working in Thailand she needed money to send back home to her family.

Hunting the beer bars of Thailand can often turn up a gem of a bar girl.  Often these girls starting out new in Thailands extensive sex industry are too shy to dance semi naked on stage in a vibrant gogo bar.  So many a shy pretty thai bar girl starts out in some tucked away beer bar where maybe their sister, cousin or friend works.   The new bar girls get introduced to the sex industry because they need money.   They see their friends come home to the village flush with cash and want some of that for themselves.

hairy pussy on cute thai bar girl
cute thai pussy

Any Thai girl can work in the bar industry and these days it would seem they can be any age or size including downright fat old and ugly.  Still at times you come across a real cute thai bar girl like Pauw.    You notice some Thai girls almost have some Indian heritage, I like the little mix of some Indian with Thai.  So out on a Thailand Tuk Tuk Patrol around the dark corners of some beer bars Pauw was found and bar fined.  Back at the hotel she was not shy about giving some head to this Thailand sex tourist and she had a lovely tight little trimmed hairy Thai pussy.  The kind of cute Thai bar girl you want to keep long time, to be your girlfriend, to fall in love, to get her a visa, take her home and get married. think again.

But it happens to all mongers in Thailand,  you will come across a cute Thai bar girl that you cannot help and get emotionally involved with.  Rarely it works out for the best.  Find them, fuck them, forget them, the hardest part now is finding a cute Thai bar girl.  Check them out first on Tuk Tuk Patrol – nothing but real Thai bar girls who have agreed to make an amateur porn movie for some extra Thai baht of course.  You will be impressed with the cute bar girls working inside Tuk Tuk Patrol.

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