Cute Asian Teen and the Old White Tourist

Asian teen white sex tourist

It use to be such a common sight in Asia and old usually white tourist hand in hand walking down the street with a cute Asian teen in some P4P agreement made on night in a bar somewhere downtown.  Places like Thailand are now such mass tourism centric that these sightings of an old white tourist with a cute Asian teen are alot less frequent even in places like Pattaya.

Over a decade ago now I use to warn first time visitors to Asia and Thailand to not be offended by seeing an old man with a young Asian teen together in the street.  Even more so seeing old fat ugly mostly white guys groping and kissing pretty young asian girls in the bars and gogos of Asia.

Probably the hardest part to accept is seeing these pretty young Asian girls choosing to go with some fat old bald white sex tourist over you.  A young handsome fit man.  The point is, these girls are in the sex business to make money.  Money is number one! period.  A fat old ugly sex tourist will always trump the handsome young fit man if he is willing to pay for it and pay more for it.

Asian teen white sex tourist
Cute Asian Teen

Jenelyn was one such cute Asian teen bar fined one night by a monger off Asian Sex Diary.  He was in his late forties a white sex tourist and cute Jenelyn just an Asian teen, A young adult I might hasten to add working on her own free will but with a need to pay bills and taxes.

Asian teen pussy fucked doggy
Asian teen doggy

Back in the hotel room Jenelyn got naked revealing a skinny little asian body but nice little Asian tits and shaved Asian pussy.  She liked her shaved Asian pussy being filled with a big fat white cock and not mind fucking no condom and having her cute tight Asian teen pussy creampied.

Asian sex diary is full of cute young Asian teens getting their pussies and mouths creampied by old white sex tourists to Asia.  Join Asian Sex Diary today and go and get the tissues.

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