Christies hostess bar soi 33 Bangkok

Before your first visit to Bangkok you get so excited about all the adult entertainment your head and body may indulge in.  When you have gone without regular sex and variety for any length of time erotic desire can become the dominant idea and motivation.  Its also amazing once pussy is laid on a plate for you how quickly it becomes normal almost boring.

You are then left bear with the poverty of your heart and soul and realise you really need something more than just short time sex, a butterfly from one bargirl to the next, one sexual experience after another.  And so it was in Bangkok, after a couple of days I could have been sat in a Nana Plaza gogo and never looked up at all the sexy Thai girls doing the Bangkok shuffle above.   I now needed something more, an emotional connection, this night in Bangkok I was vulnerable.

We started the night off in the Londoner on the corner of soi 33 and the Sukhumvit road.  I remember eating their excellent cornish pastie, chips and beans. there was a live Thai band playing popular tunes of the time.

Soi 33 Christies

We then wandered into the first hostess bar down soi 33 called Christies. Soi 33 in Bangkok was a more upmarket area of Bangkok P4P scene.  The bar girls are called hostesses down soi 33 and wear long evening dresses rather than jeans, t-shirts or bikinis.  The barfine was expensive like 1200 baht to keep away the riff raff and cheap charlies, but the girls did only long time which cost 2000 baht.  Truth is one week a Thai girl could be working in as a bar girl in beer bar down soi 4 and the nana wearing jeans and t shirts the next week she is working as a hostess down soi 33 wearing a posh evening gown.

Falling in love

That night in Bangkok I set eyes on this beautiful Thai hostess in Christies down soi 33 and had to have her, so paid up the 1200 baht barfine and she joined me.  We kissed passionately on the bar stool, I knew then that this was going to be a special night.  She tells me later from my kisses she knew I wanted to make love to her.  So took her back to my hotel down the bottom of soi 8.

To cut a long story short, I fucked this Thai hostess from christies soi 33 4 times that night without a condom and it was fantastic.  She had a gorgeous natural hairy Thai pussy that got me so horny.  I got everything I needed from her and the next day I felt great.  I kept to one of my rules the next morning and not take any contact details from her.  But I broke another two rules, one is always wear a condom, the second never fall in love with a bar girl.

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