Hairy Thai Teen Tuk Tuk Patrol

Riding around on a Tuk Tuk in Bangkok or Pattaya is a good way to scout the scene, pull up outside the beer bars, have a quick look around at all the Thai bar girls working and ride on if you dont see a bar girl that tickles your fancy or pull over and buy a beer and sit down next to the bar girl you like the look of.
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Beach Road Freelancers Pattaya

If your a bit short of cash or a cheap charlie, not to fussy on quality and want a Thai girl who will agree to almost anything then take a walk down Beach Road in Pattaya and pick yourself up a Thai Freelancer.
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Thai Girls with Hairy Pussy

One tactic for meeting Thai girls in Thailand be you in Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket is to rent a motocycle, ride around, with your eyes peeled you can check out many of the bar girls, girls sitting down on park benches or pretty Thai girls just walking down the street.  Not feel safe hiring your own motobike, then rent a Tuk Tuk and go on a Tuk Tuk Pussy Patrol
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Skinny Thai Bar Girls

Not so true anymore, but go back a decade or two and the majority of Thai bar girls you would have met would have been very slim, petite even skinny compared to western standards.  These little brown slim Thai girls were a novelty at first, but quickly you would begin to desire Asian girls with more curves.
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