Bangkok Tuk Tuk Temple Gem Scam

Took a walk down the Sukhumvit road one morning on my own and decided I wanted to do some tourists things around Bangkok, see some of the sites, not just gogo bars.  A Tuk Tuk rider would take me around the sites in Bangkok for 30 baht, sounded like an offer I could not refuse.
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Siam Hairy Pussy

You know Thailand use to be called Siam?  In Bangkok there is a shopping and entertainment district known as Siam Square.  Around Siam square at night there are bars, restaurants and nightclubs where you can pick yourself up a pretty Thai Freelancer and just maybe she got a hairy pussy down below.
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Soi Cowboy Bar Girl Bangkok

Having had such a great first night mongering in Bangkok, the next day I needed to recharge and spent the best part of the day drinking down soi 4 and the beer bars of Nana Plaza, a great place to hang out in Bangkok if you like drinking and watching the day go by.
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Nana Plaza Gogo Threesome Bangkok

After my first fantastic P4P experience in Bangok Thailand, a great massage followed by a titty wank I headed back up the Sukhumvit towards the Nana Plaza.  I wondered if my friends were still drinking in the Golden Bar.  It was now after 7 pm and thats the time the gogos in the Nana Plaza open with prime time being around 9pm.
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First night mongering Bangkok

I return to our hotel down the bottom of soi 8, the royal Asia lodge, off the Sukhumvit road leaving my friends in the Golden Bar down the Nana with some mature high mileage bar girls and for them the beer goggles were firmly in place.
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Golden Bar Nana Bangkok

Arriving at our hotel by taxi from Bangkok airport we checked into our rooms at the Royal Asia Lodge bottom of soi 8 off the Sukhumvit road.  We were excited, this was our first ever trip to Thailand and we knew we were going to be naughty boys.
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