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Filipino Threesome

Every mans favorite is a threesome, A threesome, two girls one guy has to be mens most popular fantasy and the most watched porn.  For most men a threesome is just that and remains a fantasy.  Something to watch other men enjoying.  On a sex vacation to the Philippines its easy to meet two Filipino girls and take them back to your hotel for a hot horny threesome.
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Hairy Filipino Pussy Creampied

Asian Hairy Pussy loves will also love the Philippines.  Many young Filipino girls for the taking still sport a hairy bush between their legs just like Wendy our featured Filipino girl from the great amateur Filipino reality monger porn site Trike Patrol.
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Thai Girls with Hairy Pussy

One tactic for meeting Thai girls in Thailand be you in Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket is to rent a motocycle, ride around, with your eyes peeled you can check out many of the bar girls, girls sitting down on park benches or pretty Thai girls just walking down the street.  Not feel safe hiring your own motobike, then rent a Tuk Tuk and go on a Tuk Tuk Pussy Patrol
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First night mongering Bangkok

I return to our hotel down the bottom of soi 8, the royal Asia lodge, off the Sukhumvit road leaving my friends in the Golden Bar down the Nana with some mature high mileage bar girls and for them the beer goggles were firmly in place.
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Pattaya Sex Diary

Pattaya in Thailand is a great destination for any budding sex tourist or any lonely old and young men living in western society craving the attentions of lots of eager young and older Thai bar girls.  Things on the ground in Pattaya are transforming rapidly now though, from a mecca sex tourist destination to main stream holidays for hoardes of Chinese and Russians.
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18 yo Filipina Girl Pussy

The great thing with travelling to the Philippines for your sex vacation is the variety of Filipino girls an old monger can meet and date and no one butts an eyelid.  You will often see old white sex tourists with 18 yo Filipino girls, one or maybe two on their arms.
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Skinny Thai Bar Girls

Not so true anymore, but go back a decade or two and the majority of Thai bar girls you would have met would have been very slim, petite even skinny compared to western standards.  These little brown slim Thai girls were a novelty at first, but quickly you would begin to desire Asian girls with more curves.
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Golden Bar Nana Bangkok

Arriving at our hotel by taxi from Bangkok airport we checked into our rooms at the Royal Asia Lodge bottom of soi 8 off the Sukhumvit road.  We were excited, this was our first ever trip to Thailand and we knew we were going to be naughty boys.
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Filipina Sex Diary Big Tits

Filipina Sex Diary

You know what it is like being in these sin cities hot humid night after hot humid night, fucking beautiful asian girls it all starts to get same same and you start to fancy something different.  Maybe you been fucking slim pretty Filipina girls then one night you notice a Filipino girl who is a bit chubby, sweet though, not use to lots of attention and she got some big natural asian tits.  Tonight you would not mind sucking on this chubby Filipina girls tits.
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Air Stewardess Filipino Sex Diary

Monger Sex Diary

A great place to visit in Asia for some easy Asian Pussy is the Philippines.  Monger favorites are of course Angeles city and Manila where a tourist can meet many Filipino girls.  Cebu is popular too for a less in your face monger experience.
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