Bangkok Love Story

Forbidden Love

I was on just a one week sex vacation to Thailand, I had spent a few nights in Bangkok on arrival and then spent most of the week flirting with beer bar girls in Pattaya.  I returned to Bangkok for my last night mongering in Thailand.  I wanted to head straight back to Christies on Soi 33, no distractions or detours, I wanted to see if that gorgeous Thai hostess still worked there, a bar girl I had fallen in love with nearly one year earlier on my first ever trip to Bangkok.

Christies Soi 33

I checked into the Asia Lodge down the bottom of Soi 8 along the Sukhumvit road in Bangkok, around 7pm I walked all the way down the Sukhumvit, down soi 33 and straight into Christies hostess bar.

And there she was! working behind the bar, almost the same spot I had barfined her before.  She recognised me immediately too and pointed to where we had been kissing.  I felt good,   I had to buy a lady drink for her to come round the other side of the bar and join me.

Barfine Long time

She flung her arms around me, she still looked good, but had put on a little weight, not much.  I had to barfine her again.  In the hostess bars down Soi 33 in Bangkok, the barfine was high at the time around 1500 baht, the girls fee for long time was 2000 baht.  These prices kept the riff raff away from the soi 33 area.

I took her to a Thai restaurant across the the Sukhumvit road called Tip Top.  We had a lot of catching up to do, alot to talk about.  She tell me she only been with 4 other guys since working in Christies down soi 33( cant believe how naive I was to believe this shit)  Guess she was telling me what I wanted to hear.  That she had a relationship with some German guy.

After the meal, I felt proud walking down the Sukhumvit with her holding her hand, taking her back to my girl friendly hotel and fucking her brains out again.  The sex was good, but not as good as the first time, her pussy was fully shaved now and she knew I loved her hairy Thai pussy.  In the morning we both wake and not feel so well, the food in the Tip Top was a little dodgy.

Fuck em, Forget em

On my first trip to Thailand I really not want to fall in love with a Bangkok bar girl.  My rules were fuck em, forget em, always use condom, dont take contact details.  This time I took her phone number and email, I  would be keeping in contact with my Bangkok love story this time.  The plan was to return to Bangkok in a few months and spend a couple of weeks exclusively with my Bangkok love story.  See how things develop, could things be different for me, the monger and the Bangkok bar girl?

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