Bangkok Girlfriend Experience

After my first trip to Bangkok and Thailand, I was at home with very few regrets.  I wondered if, when will I return to Thailand?  I had no contacts in Thailand, other than my friend who had remained in Bangkok with his Bangkok bar girlfriend.  His money had now run out and he had to return home.

Online Friendship

With my friend now also back home in London, one night in the pub he passed me the email address of an ex Bangkok bargirl who would very much like to meet me.  Dont know why, my good looks perhaps 🙂

Not think much about it at the time, but a few days later just fired off an email and got a reply. And so started a long online friendship.  We chatted on Skype and did a few video calls.  She was an attractive Thai girl, but deep down not compare to the Bangkok bar girl I had secretly fallen in love with.  Something my conscious mind at least was suppressing, but my unconscious mind, the dark side was hatching a plan.

She was in a successful job now, but deeply unhappy.  She had worked in the Golden bar Bangkok for only a short time before a business man took her as his girlfriend, set her up in Bangkok with a job and condo.  Old enough to be her dad this business man was still a naughty boy and could not keep away from the gogos of the Nana Plaza.

Second trip to Bangkok

One evening chatting on Skype I told her I was not coming to back to Bangkok because I could not afford it. She then offered to pay for my airfare through the company accounts of course.  It touched me, she obviously wanted to meet me in person.  So I booked up my second trip to Bangkok.

Girlfriend Experience

The next thing I am meeting this ex Bangkok bar girl at the airport and we take a taxi together to my hotel in Silom right near the red light district of Patpong.  She had to avoid the Nana Plaza in case she bumped into her boyfriend who was still sponsoring her.

We check into my hotel and first time I am alone with this Bangkok bar girl.  We start some gentle kissing and then the next thing I got her panties off, her legs open wide over the bed and my cock no condom deep inside her lovely Thai hairy pussy.  It was a great first fuck!  She looked like she was in ecstasy as I fuck her hard and creampie her Thai pussy.


After that memorable fuck, she looked a lot happier and took me out for the night to a upclass nightclub called Spassos.  We dance and she meets some of her friends in Spassos – a good night had by all.

Spassos has its own freelancers who work the crowd at the disco. These girls are not necessarily more attractive than the Thai girls you will find working down Soi Cowboy or in the Nana. but are very confident working over the businessmen and holidaymakers that frequent Spassos, thats all it takes is confidence, then some good looks.  The great thing about fucking this ex Bangkok bar girl, was I was not paying for her company, she had plenty of money herself.  Even so it was hard to believe she really wanted a serious relationship with me.  Maybe just some fun.

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